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Sunday, May 15, 2011

May :D

Ohhhh Is it just me or have I not been contributing... LOL Okay then, first post... in like 3 months?

My life so far this past month or so has been crazy with sports.

Badminton takes up much of my time as I had joined the team back in April.
We had a pretty good season, but unfortunately did not make the playoffs :(
We were soooo close though... and had a really good team this year. I'm glad to say though that I only lost 3 games out of the 16 that I played this season :) Not bad for old Lanny eh? JK I had a AMAZING partner, not that I was bad but she's was extremely good and we worked well together. Got lots of bruises, blisters, fell a lot, had a couple of extremely tense games where I wanted to pee myself and twisted my ankle (it's still acting up a little).

I've been playing at least 3 times a week ever since April. And some weeks I even played 6 times a week, every day except sunday.

It's cooling down down, since the season is over but I still want to continue with it and I'll still be continuing my own personal training which is like twice a week.

LOL now to my other sport which isn't really mine but.... TENNIS :D
Yes, I just watch the games and what not but I'm practically part of the team ^^ My P.E teacher even gave me a early dismissal note to come and watch them...
I'm planning on being the manager next year, since my brother is graduated and gone to Singapore for army duty for 2 years :O (It's mandatory for all Singaporean males.)

My bro was the captain of the tennis team for 3 years and even now all the best players are going PLUS the teacher who usually sponsors it is retiring. And I swear... I have some big shoes to fill for organizing this thing....

Ms.Ashbury has been giving the tennis team so much support.. I have no idea what to do without her... She gives us all the rides, organizes the games, calls up the other coachs... I have no idea what to do. Oh well, I'll give it a shot. I have my brother's blood after all ;) Except... I can't play tennis for my life.

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part of the universe said...

I'm only playing badminton recreationally. you are too cool for me XD