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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello from Planning Class...

So here I am in planning class. Pretty damn bored.
Weve got sub who is doing nothing and nobodys here.
Planning class is in the computer lab on the third floor [oh how wonderful >.>] and so next to me, is empty, the seats usually filled by Natasha, but hey shes in Victoria. thats sucks. Majorly.
In front of me the seats are unoccupied for four rows down and at the end is one guy who is a jerk. >.>
Behind me all two seats are also empty. Not even the weird guy that usually sits behind me is here ! That makes me super duper sad. He was weird, but at least it was someone. He didn't say much, but Ive got almost my whole day one with him, and we worked in french together sooo, hes alright. To my right and across the classroom theres a bunch of people [like...5?] who are talking about the strangest things and yeah I overall just don't like them. Diagonal from me is Pearl [clap clap clap], but we don't talk, because.... thats how it is . Other than her, Ive got no one in a five seat radius to talk to :( :(

My life is miserable.
I want someone to talk to..... And I kinda just wanted to post so now I see someone posted I must go see who that was and I will post a comment :D :D :D

But in the meantime, Im going to explain things that are happening in my life recently :) :)

1. Went to SFU yesterday for a volunteering orientation because I'm going to be volunteering and completing my work experience there this summer at the autism research lab :D I'm the first high school student to be there in close to 5 years... Lol And I got so many weird looks on the bus and around campus and by the other volunteers [all either post grads or working on their masters O.o] Sooooo I was short. I was young. I was new. I stood out alot. xD
But it was fun, they were all really and it will be a blast :)

2. Its sunny today !!!! And so so pretty :) I want to leave school, skip and just frolic around in the sunshine. But I cant. Grrrrrrr. Hate school.

3. Pirates in drama !!!!! Heck yeah, who else can say they get to be a pirate every other day. Thats right, just us. xD I like pirates <3

4. Its Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [....Rebecca black, I hope you are happy you ruined the best day of the week >.>]
Oooooooh but I watched Glee last week and the Glee guys did that song actually really good ! :D like it wasn't that bad as when She sings it >.>.>.>.>.>.>.>

5. Still got 20 odd minutes to burn before I'm set free.......

6. Probs wont go commenting and reading the previous post but I might later ! I just don't think I can now cus Id rather type and then leave...... Sorry to who ever posted it, Ill check later

7. WHAAAA!!!!!! ...played it in socials today !!! Lol drama game in socials class = Best day ever.

8. Ninjaaaaaa !!!!!!! ... also amazing drama game that the seniors made up, and it will be brought to the socials class next week :D :D :D NINJAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 <3 <3

9. Our complex pool opens this weekend. Y'know what that means? I'm going swimming !!!!!! Anyone wanting to come, send me a facebook, Any member of this blog is formally invited by me <3

10. I'ma going to Oregon in August, thats pretty cool. I'm looking forward to it :)

11. 15 minutes left.... I'm taking my dear sweat time with typing this. And if you are reading this, then you probably aren't actually reading this because its much much too long and you dont have that kind of patience...... If you are tho : Props to you. ;)

12. This is a mighty long list, my life really isnt exciting enough for twelve points....

13. I need a life, Good bye.

<3 <3 <3 to you alllllll

--- Just wanted to add, that now our sub teacher has turned on rap music and I'm kinda scared,

....Also a little cold Brrrrrr

See ya !!!


part of the universe said...

As awesome as ninja is, i must break it to you that the seniors at your school most definitely did not make it up. I've seen the drama people at my school partake this very entertaining game regularly... and now i am too, because i chose drama for my elective.
All of you are progressively becoming too cool for me :(
i feel like if i had stayed there i would have rubbed off some awesomeness... ah, well.
autism research lab? why is your volunteering so cool? why don't things like that happen to me???? ugh.

Colorfulness said...

Ack well Whatever ! They introduced us to it so blehhhh I dont care if they did or didnt make it up, its a new drama class FAVORITE ! <3 I loves Ninja's... :)
yaaaaaaay Amy you are in drama too ! I always thought that you would be really good at theater even in gr 7 wayyy back at stoney, you just seemed like that kinda person. Yknow, a cool person xD
We will never be too cool for you, we are just trying to catch up to your amazing coolness ! Lol no worries. Btw, I miss you. Weve gotta have another day visit :)
Annnnnnnd Im not sure if Id call my But hey, its something :) And Im sure your lifes full of amazingness, forinstance, hows your sister doing ? I am still in complete shock that you have a little sister!! And she sounds adorable just the way you talk about her <3