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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just a really long list....

Okay guys, some pretty amazing stuff is going down right now, let me enlighten you:

1. Only 53 days until Bingtam and I go attack New York City, during spring break and have only the most amazing time of our lives ! ...Yeah I'm stoked. And pretty much ready to go ! I am over my crisis of having lost my passport several weeks ago as it is now found and that crisis was adverted. :D I have got all of my money set to go, which is a huge relief ! And we have taken a foot tour of NY, Brooklyn, and all the places in between on google street view.... people are pretty funny there. xD

2. I got gum surgery on the 11th, which would today be 12 days ago, and it was really gross, basically what they did was I was fully consious and watching the "price is right" on the television that they had in the ceiling while I got several shots of a couple of needles in my mouth that froze it all up nice and good so I couldn't feel a thing. Then they cut off flesh from the roof of my mouth and put in on my lower gums where I had recession, to fix the problem up. And so I couldn't talk for the rest of that day and oh god it was really bad but my mom got really good as reading my hand gestures! She had to stay home with me after I got the surgery, apparently it was procedure and I had no choice, which screwed up my day cus I was totally ready to go back to school and show off my scars ! I have many more gruesome stories maybe I will share later even though I'm sure none of you want to hear them, xD

3. Braces off on the first [or maybe second...] week of march ! Which is just in time for NYC !! Yaaaay ! I'm really excited. :D :D :D

4. Monologue night is coming up at school, and Myself, Nat, and Nik will be performing !
It'll be fun you guys ! .....But Ive got some tweaking to do for mine, Its about this psychotic little girl who kills all the people in her doll house, and I love it ! hehe

5. Eh, slightly nervous about an up coming competition for our improv team, but hopefully it wont be that bad... The show went pretty okay! ...well considering it was my first show ever, and we were down a team member I wouldnt consider it a total loss,

6. I grew an INCH ! HECK YEAHHHH Im am now a grand total of 5"2
Dont laugh, this is a major improvement!

7. I won $2.80 gambling with my family yesterday..... I <3>

8. Ive got all of my grade 11 courses figured out, which is a huge relief, but I will probabily change them all a zillion times before I made up my mind, :)

9. Lets take a vote: how many of you are totally disgusted when you see someone wearing two different coloured socks? Cus really, I dont see a problem with it, but everyone else does ! I always wear different socks, cus the dryer likes to eat one of each kind ! My only choice in the matter would be to either throw out all those perfectly good socks, or match them up randomly and NOT waste all of my money. I chose the latter. :)

That is all !
Thank you for reading about my life, and I hope this was a journey of spiritual enlightenment for all of you,

Toodles !


kitty^-^ said...

woah! so unexpected! you are in an improv team? cooooooooooool
did you have to audition to get in? you are amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :D
that surgery sounds... odd.
though you had numbing stuff...
still, i would have preferred being unconscious during that O.o
and i have no clue how the flesh from the roof of your mouth can join with your gums.... *confusion*
congrats on all the drama stuff, you are amazing, so proud :')
have fun in NYC!!!!! :D

Colorfulness said...

Yes, I am on our schools junior improv team! [grades 8-10] Yaaaaay!
Wait, Amy, you go to Lord Bying right?
.....They won.
We got third. Which is still pretty awesome ! But they were amazing
You guys got a trophy, dunno if you knew that.
But we did too :)
Ah, you guyses team was soo good ! Let me try and remember some names.....Melody? ummm Dylan? I think there was a Lottie?
Im not sure, but anyway.....

To answer your question: Yeah I auditioned to get in,

Also: yeahhhhhh I wouldnt have CHOSEN to get surgery, but it was kinda necessary, xD
Okay well, to explain how they did it is quite gross, but they like opened up what was left of my lower gumms, and just kinda sewed on this new piece. It was a mess, super gross, and disgusting, but its ALLLLLL healed up now :)
I would have liked to be unconsious too, but the only thing they offered me was this funky drug that makes you see rainbows and unicorns, I said no cus I wanted to go to school afterwords and I wasnt willing to do that high...

And Thank You! You are also quite extremely amazing yourself :)

kitty^-^ said...

Our school had announcements about that competition and i was quite proud. still i would have never thought you were one for drama O.o

Colorfulness said...

:D Yeah, things have REALLY changed since we have last seen each other.... Im not a shy person ! ... mind you, I was back in elementary, but I dunno, now Im just....Not. :D
I miss you Amy !!!
come visit again, okay?
Or, we'll come visit you