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Monday, January 3, 2011


So, basically I was going to list a bunch of stuff that happened to me in 2010 and stuff, buuut I apparently have no memory except for useless things like pi and random conversations I have with people.

Also, sorry I haven't posted in forever, and whenever I do it's really boring things like apologizing for not posting.. which I am doing right now..

I'm actually pretty happy school is starting again, because my break was pretty boring. The only things I'm not looking forward to so much are waking up early and homework. Punctual and Kla Waffle are antonyms.

Uhh, so that's pretty much it.. If I don't post again for another million years everyone has permission to beat me up (I don't think anybody will though, because it's kind of illegal..)

I overused introductory words (that's what they're called, right..?)


Colorfulness said...

I dont know what the heck an introductory word is.
like "welcome" or "hello" or stuff?
YAAY Kayla !
Your posts are not boring, and you post about as much as the rest of us here, so dont worry, cus life gets busy ;)
I have a really important question for you: how many didgits of pi do you acctully know !?
I remember you said 50 at some point, but do you remember them all still?
Its quite amazing btw. :)
I know 3.141592653589274... Something like that but Im not positive about the last few numbers...

I wont beat you up for not posting.
I WILL beat you up for appolagizing for not posting.
Thats how this works, and the word "sorry" is now banned.

Love ya Kla !

kitty^-^ said...

as long as you post something it's always better than not posting. i quite enjoyed your random post, really XD
have you considered your application to the academy of winter holidays yet?

Anonymous said...

I thought introductory words were stuff like "so,..." or "anyways, ..." but I might have just unknowingly made it up and they're non-existant. I still know all the pi digits that I knew in grade 7, no more, no less... I think it's around 60 (every time I try to count I mess myself up..ahahh)
Yma, I dont think it would work; I would die of the cold! Hahaa