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Saturday, November 20, 2010

We needed a new post . . .

Yeah cus its TRUE!
It feels like I havent been on the blog forever, so yup it was time for a good post.
Im going to do a questionnaire type thingy but not the one that was on everyone's LASTS posts because I dont feel like flipping the pages back and forth.
Very simply: Im lazy.
ANYHOO, feel free to fill in your own answers if you so may wish.

1. If you could be any [geometric...] shape, which shape would you be?

2. When did you last drink a cup of Joe [aka Coffee] ?

3. Is there something that you wish to share right now?

4. If you could push one person out the window, who would it be? [btw, lets just say your on the third floor...]

5. Why do you think I would ask such a question like number four?

6. If the world was going to end in 2012, [which is TOTALLY wont!] is your life complete?

7. Why is it that some people would rather get perfect grades than have a life?

8. If I was being honest, Its more fun making up the questions than writting in answers . . .and I realise this isnt a question. . . so uhhh what are you wearing on your feet?

9. Dont you just LOVE the band Train?!

10. You dont have to answer all of these, btw

11. But really, isnt Train an AWSOME band!?

12. Do you have hw right now that is totally going unfinished to answer these questions?

13. Why are some people just so freakin WEIRD?!

14. MYSTERY JAM !!!!

15. check yes here if you understood what I meant when I said number 14.

16. Do you have to do laundry? I know right now that I sure do !

17.Should this questionaire thingy end soon?

18. Well, yeah it should.

19. but how about when we get to number twenty?

20. Okay sure.

21. BONUS QUESTION !!!!!!!

22. Okay, thats enough number twenty one, we said we would stop at number 20, and you JUST broke that rule.

21. Well, it looks to me like Im not the ONLY one who broke that rule !

22. - GASP - Take that back !

21. I cant take it back if its the truth !!!

23. Alright guys, Im ending this RIGHT NOW ! We are DONE!

Always remember: When number 21 and 22 get in an argument, number 23 will always be there to break it up :)
That was my words of wisdom-ness advice for today. Come back later and you will probabily get the same one !
ANYWAY, Im really tired. and as you can see, I went all the way down the list and wrote out the questions, but did not answer any [no I did certainly NOT answer number 16, but I simply added a side note :) ] So these are therefor open to interpretation, and please give it a shot ! I might answer them some other time, but for just now I have some math homework that needs tending to.
Enjoy the QUIZ !!!!!!!!!!
and always remember this also: number 23 will ALWAYS be there for you. number 21 and 22 . . .not so much. xD