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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stereotypes of Places and People

Stereotypes - because we all know so much about each other...

Canada and Canadians:
  • landscape = glaciers + snow all year round (even though we are right across the border!)
  • pet polar bears and/or beavers (Natalie's puppy is secretly a beaver... sorry to break it to you guys...)
  • transportation = Zamboni's , snowmobiles, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating and canoes (cars?!?! What an absurd idea!)
  • say"eh" in every sentence (That's right, eh?)
  • live in igloos (and my computer is hooked into ice cables in the snow wall....)
  • all dress like Eskimos and go ice-fishing (duh!)
  • only eat salmon and maple syrup
  • all police = Mounties 
France and the French:
  • eat baguettes and french bread everyday (Bonjour!!!)
  • all wear berets (Oui, oui!)
  • ride bicycles everywhere around the Eiffel Tower (because the entire French population lives in that area...)
  • crazy artists with curly mustaches 
U.S.A and Americans:
  • live in fast food restaurants
China and the Chinese:
  • crazy smart people who are all math geniuses (that's right!!!! >.<)
  • eat tofu all the time
  • make pottery all the time
  • squinty eyes
  • Kungfu kungfu kungfu!!!! (Jackie Chan!!! Jet Li!!!!!)
  • chopsticks for eating anything and everything (Elephant!!!!!! eat-eat-eat!!!!!)
Japan and the Japanese:
  • all people eat are sushi, teriyaki, and miso soup (after all, that's what you get in restaurants!)
  • people walk around in kimonos all day in wooden flip flop-like things
Hawaii and Hawaiians (and just about all other tropical places where people go for vacations):
  • everyone wears grass skirts and coconut tops and leis all day (jeans and t shirts are illegal)
  • everyone hula dances (don't you dare try starting a ballet trend!)
  • everyone lives in tiki huts and surf and get tanned all year long
 Australia and Australians:
  • are all native people (yeah, even though everyone knows about the Sydney Opera House)
  • live amongst snakes, kangaroos, koalas, and ostriches in the wild

We are such an educated bunch...

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    Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

    Hahahaha amy that was hilarous :) me and nikki and natalie and jennifer were cracking up ;) love ya xD