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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wah!! I totally forgot about what I wanted to share with you...=.=

About a week ago my lil bro took my old broken Ipod-touch and smashed it on the ground. It started working again after 10 months of just a blank white screen. Miracle? Of course and just as a little side note: If you ever are so desperate to make something work, just hit it! LOL Just kidding, Don't follow my advice cause I don't want people to show up at my door saying they broke their favorite stuff even more xD

Sooo.. When it started working again, I got a whole bunch of poems that I wrote at night on my Ipod-Touch before. I was pretty bummed that I lost them before so I wanted to share them with you guys before I lost it again xD

I'll Cry with you.

I care,
I do more than you ever know .
I'll be there.
Just tell me when,
And I'll cry with you.
And laugh when you do.
I'll kill the ones who hurt you,
And when that doesn't bring you comfort
I'll cry with you.

There that's it :) Keep in mind I did write this in the morning and before school like a year ago so it might not be that good :D


kitty^-^ said...

it's a very touching poem!
but i think you should change the "kill" part...
it kinda throws the mood off.... :P

Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

Oh yeah... That's does seem a little off.. How about destroy? Lol jk xD