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Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy cheese and rice!

Okay so first day of Stagecraft Theatre School musical theatre camp . . .

1. We get there at 9am . . . there's 16 people from 11-15 yrs
2. Intros with improv games
3. We're given scenes to perform with 10 minutes prep
4. We find out we're doing Grease (musical set in the 1950s but I'm sure everyones heard of it!) for the show at the end of the camp; with lights, choreography, chorus and solo numbers, etc etc . . . but its a serious time crunch as we have to get it all together in a week! with lines needing to be memorized by TOMORROW and songs memorize by WEDNESDAY :O
5. Do a cold-read of the script
6. Mini "auditions" so Miss Christine and Miss Rachel can cast us; singing about 16 bars of a song of your choice and we were taught a few lines from "We Go Together" to sing for them one by one

7. BREAK TIME (5 minutes while they very quickly decide who to cast)

8. I'm cast as Rizzo!
9. And now we spend about an hour learning the songs and the solos and stuff like that
10. 1:30 . . . 20 minute lunchbreak! :)
11. And we're back! Until 3 we continue working on songs
12. 3pm, it's time to go home

Tomorrow we're going to do some choreography and dance, along with the songs and a bit of the scenes, as we had to memorize all our lines tonight!
It's gonna be fun :)
See ya laterrr!


kitty^-^ said...

cooooooooool. that's intense! XD
what improv games do you guys play? "bus stop"?
Grease! I've heard of it! don't know what it's about though....
is rizzo a main character? :P srry... i know nothing...
sounds like a ton of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

Rizzo? I'll go search him up :D it's a he right?