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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"do you have firearms there in the backseat, young lady?"

I is back from Leavenworth! HOT HOT HOT over there! the highest was 41C when we were there. . . . I realize I shouldn't complain when it's 28C here :P
It was fun though! We played mini golf (I sucked, haha), went swimming, gone into random shops there (it's basically a tourist place and no one actually LIVES there unless they work there), I made a goat friend and named him Fuzz, lots of cool things :)

At Stagecraft we did our production of Grease; it went quite well, but no one was allowed to tape it :( sorry Kitty! was so fun to be mean....I wouldn't mind playing Rizzo again (although she thinks she's pregnant for a while but then she's really not ...thank god :P)

and I just ate an artificial green mango popsicle, haha

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kitty^-^ said...

41C ?!?!?!?!?!?
holy cow!!!!!
oooh.... that does sound like a ton of fun :D
aw... i really wanted to watch you perform... meh.
still, glad you loved it! :D
pregnant.... how was it to act that? :P
hehehe, i just ate a vanilla ice cream bar XD