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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"do you have firearms there in the backseat, young lady?"

I is back from Leavenworth! HOT HOT HOT over there! the highest was 41C when we were there. . . . I realize I shouldn't complain when it's 28C here :P
It was fun though! We played mini golf (I sucked, haha), went swimming, gone into random shops there (it's basically a tourist place and no one actually LIVES there unless they work there), I made a goat friend and named him Fuzz, lots of cool things :)

At Stagecraft we did our production of Grease; it went quite well, but no one was allowed to tape it :( sorry Kitty! was so fun to be mean....I wouldn't mind playing Rizzo again (although she thinks she's pregnant for a while but then she's really not ...thank god :P)

and I just ate an artificial green mango popsicle, haha

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lame Pun

Har. I have a bad pun for you guys. Relish in it's punniness!
I give you all permission to use it in your day to day conversations.

"There's no point if you're blunt about it!"

Get it?!?!?!?!? lol.
So, is that punny enough for you? Or did I just kill off a few thousand of your braincells with it's "bad-ness"???
Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wah!! I totally forgot about what I wanted to share with you...=.=

About a week ago my lil bro took my old broken Ipod-touch and smashed it on the ground. It started working again after 10 months of just a blank white screen. Miracle? Of course and just as a little side note: If you ever are so desperate to make something work, just hit it! LOL Just kidding, Don't follow my advice cause I don't want people to show up at my door saying they broke their favorite stuff even more xD

Sooo.. When it started working again, I got a whole bunch of poems that I wrote at night on my Ipod-Touch before. I was pretty bummed that I lost them before so I wanted to share them with you guys before I lost it again xD

I'll Cry with you.

I care,
I do more than you ever know .
I'll be there.
Just tell me when,
And I'll cry with you.
And laugh when you do.
I'll kill the ones who hurt you,
And when that doesn't bring you comfort
I'll cry with you.

There that's it :) Keep in mind I did write this in the morning and before school like a year ago so it might not be that good :D


Hey :D I'm so sorry.. this is so random but I just wanted to say that I LOVE that little fishie thing at the side of our blog :) You can feed them more and more and more and they will never get fat or die on you :D My fishies all died not from starvation but most likely either choking on the amount of food we give them or obesity which I'm not sure can happen in fishes or not? Well... Just wanted to say that :) My provincial is in 2 weeks T.T So I have quite a lot of studying ahead of me >.< I hate chemistry... I read that post about Adam Lambert and I agree :) He is quite good and gay really has nothing to do with it. I know you guys are going to argue with me about this but I sorta like Justin Bieber's music. *Bomb drops on Lanny's House* LOL Yeah I know he's a short little kid who hasn't hit puberty yet and his songs are ALWAYS about love and girls and such but I think he's still a really talented kid for his age and it was pretty amazing that he just started out on youtube. I really like his voice too although a lot of people think he sounds like a girl. Okay, That was my one embarrassing confession for the day. How bout you guys?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nom nom nom

So today we had 3 hours of choreography/dance and we actually did some better work without the script and did some blocking as well :)

Kitty and Hyper: Rizzo's the head honcho of the Pink Ladies (the popular group) and she's basically the 'mean girl' with the attitude and bitchy-ness ;) It's so fun exaggerating stuff like that >:)


After theatre camp, we're going straight to Leavenworth the next day from the 24-28 :) ROAD TRIPPPPP! love road trips . . .don't know why I love riding in cars, I guess it's comfy?
Leavenworth's this Whistler-esque bavarian village . . . lots of tourists go there so it's relatively safe for being in the USA xD

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy cheese and rice!

Okay so first day of Stagecraft Theatre School musical theatre camp . . .

1. We get there at 9am . . . there's 16 people from 11-15 yrs
2. Intros with improv games
3. We're given scenes to perform with 10 minutes prep
4. We find out we're doing Grease (musical set in the 1950s but I'm sure everyones heard of it!) for the show at the end of the camp; with lights, choreography, chorus and solo numbers, etc etc . . . but its a serious time crunch as we have to get it all together in a week! with lines needing to be memorized by TOMORROW and songs memorize by WEDNESDAY :O
5. Do a cold-read of the script
6. Mini "auditions" so Miss Christine and Miss Rachel can cast us; singing about 16 bars of a song of your choice and we were taught a few lines from "We Go Together" to sing for them one by one

7. BREAK TIME (5 minutes while they very quickly decide who to cast)

8. I'm cast as Rizzo!
9. And now we spend about an hour learning the songs and the solos and stuff like that
10. 1:30 . . . 20 minute lunchbreak! :)
11. And we're back! Until 3 we continue working on songs
12. 3pm, it's time to go home

Tomorrow we're going to do some choreography and dance, along with the songs and a bit of the scenes, as we had to memorize all our lines tonight!
It's gonna be fun :)
See ya laterrr!

Summer School and Uni :P

Wahhhh.. So bored... Nikki is off at peace river and natalie is at a theater camp :( But on the bright side they are having fun which is a lot more than i can say for myself since i started summer school >.< Summer school was intense... I have tests every other day and although the material is not that hard.. The test put in a lot of questions that are sorta trick questions and stuff that only the nerdy people who learn more about the subject can answer.... I feel so pressured for university and stuff like that.. I want them to see my good grades not my bad ones :P I think UBC is probably my first choice but if NUS accepts me... ( NUS is the National University of Singapore.) I know I'll only going into my grade 10 year next year but half of my courses are grade 11 course :( I feel like this is going to be the last "relaxed summer' i will get =.= *sigh* I hope all of you guys are having fun :) I think i'm just putting the pressure on myself a litttllleee too much :) That's why I have so many white hairs xD

Long time, long time


Hey guys, sorry about the absence . . . for a while i couldn't post because the "new post" button WAS NOT THERE >:O

Hmm, so what is going on with me?
Well yesterday, I went to metrotown with Joyce and Li-anne and we ate all-you-can-eat sushi [Lanny was sooooo happy], took sticker photos and played around at toys r us :P
Today I went with my mom to commercial, buy the big Value Village [LOVE THAT PLACE!], looked around the vintage shops and walked Merlin in the park
Tomorrow, musical theatre camp starts!!! From 9am-3pm everyday Monday to friday :) love love love

I'll post more later!! SEE YA!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Maple Grove Volunteering

At 1:00 pm today, I left our apartment with my bag of juice, snacks, a glasses case, sunscreen, my cellphone (but not my Ipod, since somehow everything in it got deleted (nooooooo!!!!!!! My Adam Lambert songs!!!! *cries in anguish*) and Itunes tells me it's corrupted every time I try to stick it in the USB slot) and went to the 16th Arbutus bus stop. I had checked the bus schedule, checked Google maps, texted the bus schedule on my phone, and found out that there was a bus arriving at 1:09 pm, and I decided to take that one; it would leave me 15 minutes to find my way back if I got lost and arrived in Alaska instead. But nooooooooo, the bus comes at 1:22, leaving me 8 minutes to get to Maple Grove Pool and no chance of arriving in time if I did happen to bus to Alaska accidentally. So everyone who relies on careful planning; abandon all hope when it comes to the public transit. You're better off buying a private jet to fly you there, since with all the time combined you spend waiting at bus stops, you would become a billionaire anyway. 
Actually, you would probably just waste it on something else even more pointless. But at least it would be FUN pointless and not oh-my-god-why-is-the-sun-so-annoyingly-hot-today-and-when-is-this-stupid-bus-going-to-come-I-could-have-stayed-home-instead-but-I-can't-go-back-now-because-I-might-actually-miss-the-bus-and-that-would-be-even-stupider pointless.
    I don't use monthly passes anymore (thank God! I put it in my wallet, my wallet gets lost, I attach it to my key-chain, my key-chain gets lost; story of my grade 8 life) , so I took out one of the concession passes that you put in the slot machine and got on.
    "Thank you" the bus driver tells me, like all of them do. I smile back even though inside I am cringing, thinking of the 15 minutes I spent aimlessly waiting for the stupid bus. There was around 11 blocks from my apartment to the pool, and no, I did not want to walk there even though it only takes 20 minutes. I did not want to arrive covered in sweat, ok?
    To top off my lovely journey to the pool, the bus was not displaying the proper stops. We are almost at 41st Street, "Next stop is 45th" the sign says. We almost arrive at 45th Street, "Next stop is 49th" it reads. I see my stop right ahead: 51st Street. "Next stop is 60th", the sign proudly displays.
I get off anyway, trusting street signs are more accurate than the bus stop display. I walk a couple blocks to the right; voila!!!!!!!! Maple Grove Pool: a lovely outdoor pool with a playground and grass on all sides.
    At the front desk, I ask the worker where volunteers should go. "Go talk to that lady in the red shirt there." she points and lets me in without taking the entrance fee. The lady is a lifeguard. I walk over, introduce myself, and started working with the other two girls on the cotton candy machine. One of the girls is from my badminton class - my only familiar face of the day.
    We start chatting randomly.
"Do you like Asian songs, or white songs?" the unfamiliar girl asks.
I assume by "white" she means the mainstream songs over here, but before I can answer...
"Let me guess!" the girl from my badminton class says, "Asian, right?"
"How do you know that?" the other girls asks.
"You look like an Asian song person!" she tells me.
"Uh... I like the songs here." I tell them.
"Ha!" the other one says.
"I'm an Adam Lambert fan" I say.
"What? You like 94.5?" they ask.
"I'm an Adam Lambert fan." I repeat.
"Ooooh." They say.
"He looks like (name of someone I've never heard of and do not remember)." They say to each other.
    How to operate a cotton candy machine and other procedures:
Dump a bunch of coloured sugar in the cup in the middle, making sure it does not overflow.
Be prepared with a paper cone in hand.
Turn on the "motor" switch.
Turn on the "heat" switch.
Watch the thing spin around at a billion miles an hour.
Once you see flossy strings coming out, stick your paper cone in, and turn the cone around in your hand while circling the cone around the cup.
Keep doing it until you have a lovely amount of sugar floss on the cone.
Admire your creation.
Realize it's melting in the sun.
Sell it in a hurry.
    I got bored of making cotton candy after awhile, so I went to a tent across the pool where they were face painting for free. No, I did not want my face painted! I wanted to paint other people's faces.
At the tent there were other things too; colouring sheets with crayons, sidewalk chalk, 'tattoos', and balloons.
    The first girl that came up to me wanted a heart. 'This should be easy enough' I thought. You do not know how annoying face painting can be. There's no way to shade, faces are soft, and the tip of the crayon like thing has to be wet to just the right amount otherwise it will not draw, or drip all over the place.
    I got better, though. It soon became very fun.
"Hi there!" I beam at them.
"Hi" they say shyly.
"Wanna get your face painted? It's free!" I call.
"Ok" they say.
"Take a seat! What would you like?" I smile.
"A (unicorn/ seahorse/ mermaid)!" they say proudly.
"Uh... anything else? Less... complicated?" I ask hopefully.
"Um..." they ponder.
"How about a flower?" I say with enthusiasm leaking out my ears.
"Ok!" They smile.
"What colour would you like your flower to be?" I ask.
"Pink!" They say.
"We don't have pink... would you like purple instead?" I say.
"Ok!" They smile.
    Here's what I drew for my lovely customers (very cute toddlers and kids!): flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, hearts, frogs, rainbows, clouds, suns, stars, vampire teeth with dripping blood,    and a crowd favourite (for the girls anyway (I did it for one girl, and all the others who saw her wanted me to do it for them, and then other girls saw it, and wanted me to do it for them, and so on) - princess makeup. That's right: PRINCESS MAKEUP. It's actually the simplest one to do. First of all, I do "eye shadow" (solid, one tone swoop of colour on their eyelids) then do these bead like things on their forehead (in this kind of pattern (the "|" shapes would be one colour while the " ' " shapes where in another)):
'    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    '
     '    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    '
          '    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    ' 
               '    |    |    |    |    |    '
                   '     |    |    |    '
                         '    |    '
    The beads on the forehead thing was something I remembered from when I was around 5 or six. There was a festival around where we were living and I looooooooved getting my face painted back then. I went to the tent, and a lady gave me the bead design above. I felt like royalty for the entire afternoon... I loved it! I hoped the girls for whom I drew like it too!
    At around 5:40 pm, we began to pack up. We folded up the tent, the chairs, and the tables, gathered up the paper, crayons, face paints, and sidewalk chalk. While the other volunteers took all the tables and materials back to the building, I stayed behind and help the lifeguard shove the folded up tent back into its bag. You know those books you read where there's this giddy teenage girl gushing about how hot a lifeguard is? Everyone's read one. I'm not going to spaz like that, but I have to say, every single male life guard there was exactly what they described in books. I swear to God, it's true. I mean, from all the descriptions of lifeguards you've read, put the best features together: tan, fit, muscular, tall, nice hair. THEY ALL MATCHED THE DESCRIPTION.*glares at floor*
    While we were putting the tent in its bag, I put all my attention to staring at how the fabric of the tent bag was weaved together, how wide the zipper for the bag was, how the tent fit in, basically kept myself from looking at him at all unless I had to. Not that I was too much of a help. Most of the putting away needed pure strength. Guess who had more. *glares at ceiling*
    There was one table left, so he went to fold that up and left the tent for me to roll back. Fair enough, except he folded it up, carried it to the building, and had to come back to help me with the tent because it kept flipping over on my long journey to my destination 20 meters away. I know he was being nice, and I should have been grateful, but right as he came to me, the thing flipped over again. I hate feeling helpless and weak, what with the past discrimination of women thing. *glares at wall*
    "Thank you." I said as he wheeled it the rest of the way gracefully.
    I went back to the cotton candy tables where they were wiping up melted sugar from the machine. There was a jumble of extension cord on the ground, and I carried it back to the building. I walked in, but had no clue where to put it. I asked another lifeguard, with a towel draped over his shoulder, in the room, and he showed me the shelf where all the cables went. "Thank you!" I called again as I hurried out the room.
    The lifeguards had all just come out the water... In other words... shirtless. It was like a scene out of a book where things were described a little too perfect. I tried not to let my eyes wander anywhere and walked back to the cotton candy tables. They had finished wiping away the sugar, and we folded up the tables to take them back. More lifeguards everywhere. I don't think any of the female lifeguards went in the water!
    As we were about to leave, the lifeguard I talked to in the beginning called us over, asked for our names, and told us that we were the best group of volunteers to work with. I don't know if that's the truth, but I was touched!
    I left right after, wanting to get home. The bus came after eight minutes of waiting. On the bus, I met the girl from the cotton candy stand again, and we chatted until my stop came. She told me she would add me on Facebook so we can tell each other about volunteer opportunities we hear of. I arrived home by 6:30 pm.
Fun day!

Monday, July 12, 2010


GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

An email to a friend from elementary school that I bumped into in summer school that I figured could double as a post! :D

Hey thar! XD
I was really surprised to see you too! I didn't react for quite a bit because I was so shocked. I like your skirt! :D
I'm taking French (to improve, like you :D ), drama for fun, and sewing for more tedious fun.
Other than summer school, I don't think my family has anything special planned for this summer... but if there is something, it's probably shopping in the states! XD
The beach would be a fantastic idea. The weather is stupid, if I wanted to start sweating the minute I stepped out of the shower, I would have gone to China, not stay here. bleh. I can imagine myself coming out of the water at a beach and having all of it drying in 5 seconds. Then all this salty white stuff would be left on me. stupid sun; I hate extreme exposure.
I don't really have homework so far... well, depends on what you mean by homework. nothing written, but I have a French test tomorrow and I have to buy my own fabric for a skirt we're making in sewing class. :P
Thank you for your long email, I had fun reading it, maybe we will meet up again in summer school! :D

Hey! I haven't told you yet. All the people currently around me know this: I AM OBSESSED WITH ADAM LAMBERT. I know he's gay, but I love him! Harharhar. Don't know if you wanted to know that, but neither do the people around me, hehehe. I even told my friends in my drama class. Everyday I walk in listening to my ipod and they say "Are you listening to Adam Lambert?". They're always right. :D Our drama teacher always gives us "questions of the day" and obviously, we get one everyday. She chose the perfect question today: IF YOU WERE STRANDED ON AN ISLAND WITH A CELEBRITY OF YOUR CHOICE FOREVER, WHO WOULD YOU CHOSE? Half the class knew what I was going to say before it was my turn. Stranded on an island? With no one else but one celebrity? FOREVER?!?! HELLO?!?!?!

ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha, hope you liked my email! XD

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camp :D

Hey you guys :D I almost forgot this blog existed.. Sorry :P well anyways I just came back from camp and I still smell like campfire smoke cause of all the fires Ian and Dan built ( Ian and Dan are my brothers and both scouts obsessed with making fires xD ) I was in Tofino for this little family camping adventure but for some reason my iPhone keeps on spellchecking "tofino" to "Torino" which apparently is some place in Italy and now everyone thinks I went to italy to camp. Which is stupid because if I went to Italy I probably wouldn't go camping xD although that would be cool too :D I'd rather go eating :) School's over but I still have summer school and a provincial to get through :( science 10 is the course I'm taking and coincidentaly it comes with a provincial exam too =.= garhhhhhh... Well.. I guess that comes with with wanting to get ahead in school... Well bye :D I'll try to blog more now that I have an iPhone and it's the summer so byeeee :D