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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


...was the last day of school :)
I will post a bunch of random, and pointless things that happened today just because I haven't posted in about forever.
I fell asleep at one this morning because I was working on my socials essay...which I actually didn't end up finishing, and I should probably be working on right now because I have to email it to my teacher.
I woke up around six hours later, but just slept in for another hour, and left at like 8:34 or something...surprisingly, I made it to class before the second bell (8:40). That may seem like it actually took a long time, considering how close I live, but walking up that many stairs in the morning is not very fun.
We basically didn't do anything in french besides hand in locks (my locker was already cleaned out) and socialize.
In PE everyone was kind of annoyed at the fact that we had to change. After our "reflective" walk around the driveway with freezies, it was just open gym. In other words, just sitting in the back of the gym while people on either side of me were taking random creeper pictures.
I was in the library working on my essay all lunch (which, sadly, I didn't finish then, either).
My science class is the most boring thing in the WHOLE WORLD. We watched Finding Nemo, while I was writing my name all over my binder, boredly (I don't think that is even a word...probably not).
Socials...makes my day. We gave our teacher an umbrella (of respect) with a whistle attached to it and a "Simmer down, children" t-shirt. Honestly, my socials teacher is crazy. She is so easily distracted...she'll talk to us all class. We played Trivial Pursuit for the last 20 minutes, then randomly started charades, but she went back to trivia, because everyone going up was just imitating her throwing stuff at people...(which has happened :P) We did a cheesy countdown at the last ten seconds.
After socials, I went up to get my stuff from my locker...which was really stupid, as I had my backpack with everything in it with me, and my locker didn't have anything in it, or a lock.
Then, as I was walking downstairs, there was this ginormous explosion of fireworks that smelt really bad. I originally thought the dance room was exploding. But pretty close, right? I had already left, but apperently the fire alarm went off.
Then I got home, and bragged to my sisters that I was done school, and announced how bored I was!
I'm tired...G'night!
Wow, this is the longest post by me EVER!


kitty^-^ said...

teehee, i like your post colours.... very watermelon ^-^
your day is actually quite interesting! our socials teacher is quite hilarious too. When ever there is an event in history we do not understand, he gets us to act it out.
We did the Battle of Hastings, a Bollywood movie, the hundred years war, and he demonstrated to us how medieval torture worked using a meter stick and a student volunteer. XD clearly he didn't actually hurt anyone!
socials class is a fun time... :)
nothing exploded on our last day of school :P lucky you XD
i have my second last final exam today; science (at 1:45pm).
your post is not random and pointless, i love reading posts :D
lucky you.... walking to school. I have to take two buses and it takes 20 minutes by bus to get there. woot. and that's only if i catch all the right times.
you guys return your locks? huh. we keep them. which sucks, cuz i lost mine.
i left my key hanging in my lock accidentally, and someone decided to steal both. and my bus pass was attached to the key chain.
i guess it's better that happens in gr.8, but i highly doubt i will learn my lesson. this happened multiple times already, but this is the first time someone took both.
oui, it is a very long post, but reading it was fun-fun-fun. here's a long comment for your long post! XD
happy summer! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have key locks?? Ours are combo.

kitty^-^ said...

we get both! :D