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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


You are not at the wrong blog! I just changed the layout! xD
What do you think? Anything you want changed or added or taken away? :P


Anonymous said...

It looks good :)
I thought I was on the wrong blog :P

kitty^-^ said...

haha! good thing i posted that, huh? XD

Colorfulness said...


Y'know, it really was time for a change. I like this one much better, but it WILL take some getting used to !!

Thanks Amy! It looks great!

kitty^-^ said...

harharhar :P
i changed a lot of things because the blogger thing added more features and you can chose from a whole bunch of background pictures. unlike before when there was only templates to chose from. the weird thing is, polls (those quiz-like things) won't display properly with this new template thingy, so i removed all of them :(
oh well, hope you guys will enjoy the changes to our blog! it feels more... uh... exciting!