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Monday, May 17, 2010


Alrighty, so Im just gonna post about some random stuff thats going on lately:
Firstly, I would like to remind everyone [as if you could have forgotten] that in exactly one month, we will have NO MORE SCHOOL yaaaaaaaay!!!! summer break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless any of you are taking summer school to get ahead for 9/10 th grade in which case you are insano. summer aint for school, but anyway, Im not gonna judge and if your in summer school, then congrats :)

Secondly, I would love to let you all know that I am typing on my toes and it hurts. cus the bottom of the laptop gets REALLY hot and its burning moi feets. owch.

Thirdly, back on the previous topic of school, the upcoming summer holiday also means final exams. yes I know, they are scary, but just keep reminding yourself that summer is ALMOST here. :) glad I could help.

Fourthly, Im curious whats everyone going to be up to this summer? any big plans? or small plans? or whatever size plans?

Fifthly, I LOVE THE SMELL OF GAIN LAUNDRY DETERGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sixithly, Shakespere is acctually pretty cool, I like the plays and the language and stuff, :) mainly cus like Im one of the only ppl who can fluently read it :) lol

Seventhly, yesterday we renovated our basement and I had to help pull out the 35+ years old carpet, and who would have guessed, that 35 year old dust and carpet fibres would be bad for your skin? I didnt. And I paid for that by breaking out in red bloches all over my face this morning. not the best way to start a monday morning.

Eighthly, is "eighthly" even a word?

Ninethly, Lee Dewyze is Soooooooooooo Gonna come in second on American Idol !!!!! Crystal WILL come in first, which is okay, cus she is SUPER TALENTED, but y'know, personally, I like listening to Lee better, :) she has got wayyy more votes going for her, and Casey James hasnt got a chance, he will be gone this week FOR SURE.

Tenthly, sounds like "tently" -----> aka the brand of tea. :)

Eleventhly, Lifehouse is a really great band, but Ive been listening to the same 28 songs of theirs for 4 days straight without listening to anything else, and right now, Ive got all those 28 songs floating around, stuck in my head. how wonderful, >.>

Twelthly, I need to clean my room. But I got distracted. Oh well,

Thirteenthly, I think Id better end this soon as Im sure your getting bored. . . .


Hope you enjoyed my pointless list of pointlessness,
tune in next week when I complain about politics!!!!!!!
. . . . .For the record, Im joking. I hate poilitics and know absolutly NOTHING about them so I would never blog about it. and I cant garentee that I will be blogging again like this next week. in otherwords: what I said previously was simply a joke and should not be taken seriously.



kitty<3 said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha XD
Jennifer, I was kind of sad when you said you were going to end the post... :(
I wasn't getting bored AT ALL and you should have made it longer because it's the first post I 've read in a while that's not mine... >.<
Yeah... I'm not sure about plans for summer but my parents are really hinting on the summer school thing... And I am FREAKED about finals. So do you, oh wise ninth grader, have any advise for for my fretting soul?????? XP

Colorfulness said...

Thank you :)
Ill try to post again soon, but its going to be awhile, I need something interesting to happen first, xD
Perfect reason why we need ppl to start posting more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE, AMY NEEDS POSTS TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, young eighth grade grasshopper, I have absolutely nothing to say to you about finals, just study, and dont cram. try not to get test anxiety.
And Im sure youll do fine,

kitty<3 said...

hahaha, thank you oh wise master of the arts! :D
You must start the trend of posting more :)
and just where in the world did that grasshopper thing come from? XD

Colorfulness said...

Y'know, "grasshopper" and "sensai" [even though I dunno if that how its spelt, its how its said] from those kirate movies!!!! Lol I thought it was funny, xD I might post more, but like I said, I need something interesting to happen first!!

Anonymous said...

I have to do 2 math finals...:(
And Im not really doing anything but camp this summer...but it will be fun :P