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Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming "

Our complex pool has FINNALLY opened!!
Yeah, so what if its freezing cold and the water heater is broken, and you cant feel your feet anymore but somehow you still know they are freezing, and so what if its raining, the sun hasent appeared for days or that the wind is blowing hard enough to knock you over. it was fun.
And as my gym teacher says every time we have to run laps in the freezing cold, rain and wind : it builds character.
Today I built some more chacacter.
And Im proud, :)

Alright, so Im over exagerating, just a bit. It really wasnt that bad, but I needed something to post about cus its not like any of YOU are posting about ANYTHING, and Im doing this out of the goodness of friendship, for Amy. cus shes bored and needs posts to read, aint that right Yma?
Yes it is. :)
Hehe, we are renovating our basement, as I THINK Ive told you all about before in my last post, but if I didnt then we are renovating our basement, and I just told you. :P haha. okay so weve pulled everything out of the room [including furnature and 35 year old crapet, oh whoops, I just typed crapet, I meant carpet, but truthfull it was "crap"et. xD ] and so we are paining three walls white or off-white, and the other wall is gonna be orange. Bright orange. as kinda an accent wall, and its looking great, cus my mom and I just painted the first coat or orange and let me tell you Im not lying when I say its BRIGHT. But its looking great, :D

I vaccuumed my room today, dunno WHY you needed to know that but Im running low on blogging ideas. . . . . . . . .

Im gonna let you all know about my huge summer project later on when we get closer to the end of school, just cus then I will have more exact details and Im garenteed a topic to blog about in about three weeks, :) dont get too excited, its not much speacial, but its kinda ambitious,

Anyway, random question but I want whoever is reading this post right now to answer all of these questions:

First: What colour is your bedroom walls?
Second: What is your favorite color combination [dont say the rainbow, maximum colors of 4 in one combo, and you can multiple combo's if you like] ?
Third: Do you have anything hanging up on your bedroom walls right now? what is it?

And thats it. Please answer, :) p.s. Dont even bother asking why Im asking you this, cus I just am. xD

Oh gosh Im so happy that we have Monday off of school !!!!!!!
Cus if we didnt then I would be cramming my head for a test right about now,
OH which reminds me that I have to tell you this story of what happened to me Friday, even though its kinda sad on my part,
Okay so I had science last blockon Friday, and we had a test, now keep in mind that I didnt get a whole lot of sleep the night before and so I was exhausted when the last block of the day came around, and so I get to science, but once we get their, our teacher grabs her coat and runs out the door, and Mr.Price comes in [for those of you who HAVE heard of him, hes a creep, and I learned that last week] anyway, so hes yelling at people the whole time we are their he was telling people that they will "have all long weekend to bore their eyes into the screens of their Ipods" and whatever, and when he wasnt doing that, he was making stupid faces at the computer, so he finally GAVE us our test, and I was so exhausted I almost fell aleep numerous times during that test, and at the end of the block, I looked throughmy test, and somehow I got it done, though I dont even remember writting it cus I was soooo tired, and so yeah, I prob failed, or wrote my science test on some other subject like English or something. anyway, I didnt bother checking it over and just handed it in. sad story huh? wouldnt that be funny if I wrote my science exam on the native fur trade? or maybe the french revolution? or maybe a midsummer nights dream? ..... oh god! Im skrewed.

So anyway, Il close off this very long post on our wonderful blog, Im going to leave you in the great words of one very wise fish:
"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, Just keep swimming"

for those of you out there who have never witnessed the greatness of this song, that one wise fish was Dory from Finding Nemo, :)

--Ill post again soon, but I want everyone else to chip in every now and then too!!!!!!

PS- I just wanna really quickly, point out that I was TOTALLY right about LeeDewyze on American Idol, Hes awesome, and I love his voice and OMG Im gonna buy his CD when it comes out!! He might or might now win, but right now it doesnt really matter cus both he and Crystal Bowersocks both deserve the title, and the runner up usually is more famous anyway, so my point is it doesnt matter from this point on, OKAY bye for REALLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!

Hmmm This is a really long post.
Sorry about that. . . . . . . . .


kitty<3 said...

Haha, I love your long posts, Jenn ^-^

"First: What colour is your bedroom walls?"
Off white. We live in an apartment and Every single wall is off white X-(

"Second: What is your favorite color combination [dont say the rainbow, maximum colors of 4 in one combo, and you can multiple combo's if you like] ?"
Hmmmm...... Aqua green, lavender, sky blue, and pale pink :)

"Third: Do you have anything hanging up on your bedroom walls right now? what is it?"
A completed 1000 piece puzzle that I did not make, a calendar, a clock, wind chimes, a rhythmic gymnastics poster, and about 20 or so glow in the dark stars :D

Anonymous said...

Mr. P is really scary...

My room walls are green with a big wall of shelving, a mirror, a whiteboard, Busch Gardens towel with a tiger on it...maybe a couple of pictures...? xP
I like the combination of green, pink, and light brown.

And I have heard some strange stories about Mr. Price