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Monday, April 19, 2010

To Prove How Weird We All Are...

I dare you all to do what I did and post your results in the comments. It's not difficult!
In your Inbox (for which ever email account you use most) search up the following terms and see how many matches you get (alongside, the number of results I got are shown (I have 1757 messages in my Inbox in total)) :
  1. Cow (17)
  2. Moo (12)
  3. Pickle (27)
  4. Zenfort (6)
  5. Boom (9)
  6. Ah! (39)
  7. Weird (107)
  8. Hahaha (35)
  9. Crazy (72)
  10. Blah (39)
OK! That's it! Go check, and leave your results in the comments box!!! XD


Colorfulness said...

Alrighty, so Im gonna use my gmail account for this, but I only have about 280 messages,cus I also have like a bunch of other e-mails I use way more than this one,
So anyway, of 280 messages, these are the results:

Cow - 10
Moo - 7
Pickle - 10
Zenfort - 2
Boom - 1
Ah! - 160
Weird - Uhh It just said "hundreds"
Hahaha - 32
Crazy - 36
Blah - 6

And yup. Im done.

kitty<3 said...

lol, thats a larger percent of weirdness than i have!

Colorfulness said...

Yeah, gmail must have been feeling lazy or something cus it really just said "hundreds"....
Maybe all of my e-mails contain some form of weirdness. . . ?

kitty<3 said...

ha. lol. you're so weird gmail slacked off!!!!! XD

K. Waffle said...

Uhh...Im just searching my mail, because most of my actual inbox is deleted...(this is on my gmail)
weird-'about' 140

So, I guess Im apperently less weird than you guys? :P