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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things High Schools Should Have/Provide:

  1. free bus passes
  2. security cameras in change rooms that somehow blotch out private areas but sees all the people who are fully dressed.
  3. more lost and founds
  4. free go-card replacements
  5. free (good) lunches
  6. free complimentary snacks
  7. size adjustable desks
  8. choice of teachers as the year progresses
  9. libraries open 24/7
  10. nicer sounding bells
  11. breaks between every class (other than the classes already with a lunch in between)
  12. escalators (somehow made extremely safe)
  13. more elevators (available to everyone!)
  14. 'just sit and do anything you want quietly' class (read, catch up on homework, listen to your ipod, text the person sitting right next to you, sleep, doodle...)