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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

spring has sprung

I finished my dress so I will upload it here just for you, Amy :P
I'm sorry the photo is sideways >.< Oh ho ho ho ho! SANTA is coming, my little bamboozles!!! :O
So soon you say? Well, he has already visited my next door neighbour's daughter, according to Josephine [the little girl] :) Count on him to visit you guys sometime . . . in the next century.

Vegetaable names:

Amy = Asaparagus

Jennifer = Jerusalem artichoke

Kayla = Kale

Natalie = New Zealand Spinach

Ariel = Arugula


I'm gonna go take a shower now, see ya! :)


kitty<3 said...

Yay!!!! pretteh pretteh dwesssss!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXD
make us all one ! XD
santa? already?... huh
seems a bit out of
*in the next century* ... lmao
dam, kayla, you have the veggie sounding most like ur name.
Amy = Asaparagus?!?!?!?!?!?
Ariel's sounds very alien... lol!

K. Waffle said...

Bilingual Santa, on the other hand, will probably be back before the next century...:P

K. Waffle said...

And good job on the dress! :D

Colorfulness said...

Uhh Wheres Jerusalem again? I forgot....

That dress is beautiful, great job!!!

kitty<3 said...


a l i e n said...

Ahaha, thanks guys :)
I'm making another one now :P

I miss Bilingual Santa :(

Jerusalem is in Israel!

Errrr, yep! Asparagus . . .it's good!!!

kitty<3 said...

oh. then you better post that one up too. otherwise... *rubs hands in evil delight*

a l i e n said...

What will you do to meeee?! :O

a l i e n said...

that ones not going to be done until mid-May, I suppose

kitty<3 said...

I will virtually poke/tickle you when ever you access the computer.... XD

Rikitiki said...

grrr...what about me? I don't get a vegetable name? :'(