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Saturday, April 24, 2010


TIM URBAN IS OFF AMERICAN IDOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw: Lee Dewyze ALL THE WAY!!!!!!


Just like five second ago, I fixed the problem with the no colored blogging!!!!!!!
It turns out that Im just stupid, and this is what happened:
You see how on the upper right hand corner of the 'new post' page when your typing it out and it had two tabs: 'edit HTML' or 'compose' and if you click on the 'edit HTML' one then you will see what I saw for a few very frustraiting weeks [NO COLOUR]
Anyway, Its all better now!!!!!

Hmm.. The world looks alot better with some COLOUR in it now.....

Dont ya think?!


C O L O U R S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


kitty<3 said...

well, I don't watch American Idol, but if you're happy then yay!XD
yay! colours are back! colorfulness has returned! XD (you know, it's STILL spelt the American way...) lol

Colorfulness said...

Yeah, I know, but thats just the way I do it :) c o l o U r
Cus it just looks better to me, Like its more 'balanced' if its COLOUR instead of color...
Yeah, Im weird.
Dont act like your suprised >.>

Thanks, yes I am Happy, :) and anyone who acctually watches american idol would be happy too cus Tim Urban only got that far in the competition on his looks! cus he was an AWEFUL singer. He almost pulled a TAYLOR HICKS!!!!! and anyone who has watched American idol for a few years knows EXACTLY what Im talking about, but you all probabily dont.. Kayla might...? but I dunno how long she watched the show for....

And this year, Im only watching American Idol Cus Ellen Degeneres is the new judge and she is completely amazing.
She aint AS good on American Idol as she is on her show [THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW]
So watch her show :)
Its really great :) :)

kitty<3 said...

Hmm... I went on Youtube and saw a video of her with Jacky Chan....
um... wow! she's the new judge? who got replaced? or is there 4 now??? :P
Anyhoo... I meant your display name is still spelt "American-ly" XD
I haven't watched American Idol sicne Jordan Sparks won... :P what the heck does "pulling a taylor hicks" mean?
imma pickle

Colorfulness said...

Okay, maybe she aint for EVERYBODY, but she one of my favorites, :)

Yup, so shes the new american idol judge cus she replaced Paula Abduel [dunno how to spell it..] and so there are now 4 judges: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara Diogardi [cant spell x 2] and Ellen Degeneres. Last year Kara joined but before that it was just three: paula, randy and simon.
And Simon quit now so next year he wont be on the show, but he still is on contract to finish this season... in his place we dont know.....YET.

Just to clear it up: Color = Canadian. Colour = Canadian. or is it the other way around??!?!?!?! cus I always spelt it COLOUR!!!!!!!

Pulling a Taylor Hicks: he won american idol the year BEFORE Jordan Sparks, I think, and he ONLY won because he had a large fan base, and not on his singing ability which is kinda what the show is all about. and so anyway, now he has no singing career cus he couldnt sell an album [yes, he was THAT bad a singer..] and yeah, so if someone where to ""pull a taylor hicks"" it would be to win the compitition how he did [aka the WRONG way]
All clear?
Hope so :)