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Monday, April 26, 2010

An email from my friend friend Vivian (Vivo is her nickname (long story))

Vivian wrote a song to help her memorize important dates and facts about the Chinese Dynasties we were learning about. It's quite creative and I don't think I could have managed to weave things together like that. XD I asked her for her permission to post this on my blog and she agreed reluctantly... only reason pulling her back being that she wants to publish it officially someday. Well, enjoy! :D

(this is the entire email, not just the song)

"Northern China merged into communities,

Formed the Shang in 1650.

600 years of cultural and believes,

Lost the mandate of heaven in 1027 BCE.

In the words of gods, the Zhou was proud,

Irrigation, roads, money, walls, canals.

They soon began to loose control of their dynasty,

The lords rebelled, in 770 the kind was forced to flee.

From 481 was called the Warring States,

The king was only priest, and the lords were filled with hate.

But the Zhou still kept their dynasty,

Up until 256 BCE.

In these tumultuous years philosophies began,

Confucianism, Legalism, Daoism began.

Kongfuzi, Han Feizi, Laozi inspired,

Nice people, mean people, cuo-cuo people they wired.

After the Warring States came the Qin dynasty,

China reunited by Shi Huangdi.

Nice things, mean things, Legalist he made,

In 210 of his tomb he paid.

In 206 Gaozu found Han,

Paper, silk roads, merit, jade began.

In 220 CE their MDH was lost,

Replaced by a time called “the Period of Chaos.”

China separated into small kingdoms,

People lived the usual in their homes.

Now there isn’t any overall empire,

So soon Buddhism required.

Buddhism has no god but there is Prince Saddartha,

Who gave up wealth and his family then became Buddha.

The Chinese followed this in their time of need,

Up till 589 came the Sui Dynasty.

Wendi ruled with Legalist cruelty,

Public works like Grand Canal killed many.

He tried to do too much too soon and the people rebelled,

In 618 CE the Sui Dynasty fell.

The golden age of China is the Tang Dynasty,

Chang’an is now a cosmopolitan city.

The Zongs improved education, science, women, and art.

Till 907 the Tang fell apart.

this really helps,
you don't know how annoyed my mom is about my singing this ALL THE TIME

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