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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things High Schools Should Have/Provide:

  1. free bus passes
  2. security cameras in change rooms that somehow blotch out private areas but sees all the people who are fully dressed.
  3. more lost and founds
  4. free go-card replacements
  5. free (good) lunches
  6. free complimentary snacks
  7. size adjustable desks
  8. choice of teachers as the year progresses
  9. libraries open 24/7
  10. nicer sounding bells
  11. breaks between every class (other than the classes already with a lunch in between)
  12. escalators (somehow made extremely safe)
  13. more elevators (available to everyone!)
  14. 'just sit and do anything you want quietly' class (read, catch up on homework, listen to your ipod, text the person sitting right next to you, sleep, doodle...)

Monday, April 26, 2010

An email from my friend friend Vivian (Vivo is her nickname (long story))

Vivian wrote a song to help her memorize important dates and facts about the Chinese Dynasties we were learning about. It's quite creative and I don't think I could have managed to weave things together like that. XD I asked her for her permission to post this on my blog and she agreed reluctantly... only reason pulling her back being that she wants to publish it officially someday. Well, enjoy! :D

(this is the entire email, not just the song)

"Northern China merged into communities,

Formed the Shang in 1650.

600 years of cultural and believes,

Lost the mandate of heaven in 1027 BCE.

In the words of gods, the Zhou was proud,

Irrigation, roads, money, walls, canals.

They soon began to loose control of their dynasty,

The lords rebelled, in 770 the kind was forced to flee.

From 481 was called the Warring States,

The king was only priest, and the lords were filled with hate.

But the Zhou still kept their dynasty,

Up until 256 BCE.

In these tumultuous years philosophies began,

Confucianism, Legalism, Daoism began.

Kongfuzi, Han Feizi, Laozi inspired,

Nice people, mean people, cuo-cuo people they wired.

After the Warring States came the Qin dynasty,

China reunited by Shi Huangdi.

Nice things, mean things, Legalist he made,

In 210 of his tomb he paid.

In 206 Gaozu found Han,

Paper, silk roads, merit, jade began.

In 220 CE their MDH was lost,

Replaced by a time called “the Period of Chaos.”

China separated into small kingdoms,

People lived the usual in their homes.

Now there isn’t any overall empire,

So soon Buddhism required.

Buddhism has no god but there is Prince Saddartha,

Who gave up wealth and his family then became Buddha.

The Chinese followed this in their time of need,

Up till 589 came the Sui Dynasty.

Wendi ruled with Legalist cruelty,

Public works like Grand Canal killed many.

He tried to do too much too soon and the people rebelled,

In 618 CE the Sui Dynasty fell.

The golden age of China is the Tang Dynasty,

Chang’an is now a cosmopolitan city.

The Zongs improved education, science, women, and art.

Till 907 the Tang fell apart.

this really helps,
you don't know how annoyed my mom is about my singing this ALL THE TIME

Saturday, April 24, 2010


TIM URBAN IS OFF AMERICAN IDOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw: Lee Dewyze ALL THE WAY!!!!!!


Just like five second ago, I fixed the problem with the no colored blogging!!!!!!!
It turns out that Im just stupid, and this is what happened:
You see how on the upper right hand corner of the 'new post' page when your typing it out and it had two tabs: 'edit HTML' or 'compose' and if you click on the 'edit HTML' one then you will see what I saw for a few very frustraiting weeks [NO COLOUR]
Anyway, Its all better now!!!!!

Hmm.. The world looks alot better with some COLOUR in it now.....

Dont ya think?!


C O L O U R S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Monday, April 19, 2010

To Prove How Weird We All Are...

I dare you all to do what I did and post your results in the comments. It's not difficult!
In your Inbox (for which ever email account you use most) search up the following terms and see how many matches you get (alongside, the number of results I got are shown (I have 1757 messages in my Inbox in total)) :
  1. Cow (17)
  2. Moo (12)
  3. Pickle (27)
  4. Zenfort (6)
  5. Boom (9)
  6. Ah! (39)
  7. Weird (107)
  8. Hahaha (35)
  9. Crazy (72)
  10. Blah (39)
OK! That's it! Go check, and leave your results in the comments box!!! XD

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Telemarketers: You gotta Hate 'em

Title is pretty self explanitory: a telemarketer phoned our house today around 4:30 and this is somehow how it went...

-Picks up phone-

Me: Hello?

Telemarketer: Good afternoon, Im conducting a survey for you and your neighbors regarding shit around the community, [He rambled on awhile, I cant remember exactly..] Do you have a few minutes?

Me: Yeah, Sure [Youve only interupted me watching THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW the most greatest tv show ever!!! of course I have a few minutes to waste my time on someone I dont know and something I dont care about and not get payed for it..]

Telemarketer: And are you over the age of 18?

Me: Yeah, of course! Im 86.
Would you just hang on one minute?

Telemarketer: Yup.

Me: -Hangs up-

REJECTED!!!!! you can imagine how scared I was when the caller ID showed the exact same number again around 6 and my mom goes to answer it!! Telemarketers NEVER phone back on the same day from the exact same phone!!!!!!! especially after they get sassed!!!
but it turns out hes just stupid and thought he had a chance of making us do his stupid survey.....

Other Telemarketer Disses:
1. when they ask you for a moment of your time so that they can ask you a few questions or try to sell you a cactus, then you simply say in an Iraqie accent: "one moment please, my goat just died yesterday I need to get him out of the microwave, he must be done crimating by now" Its totally original and completely hilarious!!
2. I bet most of you get asked if your parents are in so that they can answer a few questions [personally, now I just say that Im like 96 now] but if your unsure that it could be like someone from your moms office or whatever, then you could always do what I did for years: say "yes my moms home, hold on one minute and I will go get her" then hang up. Its simple and easy and totally carries the same impact of rejection for the telemarketers xD
3.Then there is what Nikki and Lanny always do: sing to them. "Screwy louie" is their telemarketer song, I think, but the possabilities are really endless!! you could sing like the backstreet boys if you wanted too!! Totally funny, but you never really get a responce from them with this one, cus your singing and not listening, but you can just imagine their reaction!! xD

Yeah, so what if Im mean, this might seem totally cruel in your opinion, but I think its totally fair cus they are interupting my life and wasting my time with usless stuff so I should get to waste their time too!! and may as well get a laugh out of it while Im at it, right?

Do you do anything different to annoy or weird out those annoying telemarketers?
any brand new ideas to try out?
Leave a comment!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I dont know what to write about

Sorry I have not posted since a veryy long time ago...
Haha, Max (my dog), is being a freak lately. This is probably gonna be pretty boring, but here are some things he did;
He is basically obsessed with sitting in sunlight. He will sometimes just stop in the middle of his walks so he can lay down. Alot of times now, he will just climb onto a TV tray table thing by the window for more sun, too.
To "kill" his food, he needs to bark at it for awhile. Also, he has to bring it out to the living room from where his bowl is by the door for reasons I don't know. Sometimes he'll want to eat on the couch or ottoman, and forget about his food. Once, he left his piece of food on the floor, then came onto the couch with me. He wouldn't stop staring at the food, and if anyone walked by it, he would go put it somewhere else on the ground.
Thats all I really can think of right now...I hope I'll start posting more often.

spring has sprung

I finished my dress so I will upload it here just for you, Amy :P
I'm sorry the photo is sideways >.< Oh ho ho ho ho! SANTA is coming, my little bamboozles!!! :O
So soon you say? Well, he has already visited my next door neighbour's daughter, according to Josephine [the little girl] :) Count on him to visit you guys sometime . . . in the next century.

Vegetaable names:

Amy = Asaparagus

Jennifer = Jerusalem artichoke

Kayla = Kale

Natalie = New Zealand Spinach

Ariel = Arugula


I'm gonna go take a shower now, see ya! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Those of you who randomly haven't read my email yet...

Here's the link to fantastic-ness! :D

And here is the actual email i sent to you guys...:

Hi, I wanted to share this because I love them so much! :)
These are hand drawn cartoons by a guy about the funny things a cat would do. :D
This link will take you to the official website!
Things to do: watch the videos, enjoy, and laugh! XD (especially make sure you watch the newest video about the cat discovering snow for the first time!)
I even requested the book from the library because I'm so obsessed...
Anyhoo... make a visit, take a look, and email back telling me what you thought of it! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

In the future

Hey guys! XD
You must ALL respond to this post with ANY ideas you have on the following topic:
What will things be like in the future a millennium from now? (3010 in case the math section of your brain just took a break XD )
Think about what could change: inventions, people, the way we live, our opinions during that time, our new knowledge.. etc!
For example; I think in the future people will find wearing stiletto heels the oddest way to torment yourself by your own choice, 2D T.V will be considered ancient, and cars running on gas will be a hilarious memory.
Have fun and use your imagination!!!!
Try to think up of at least 3! ^o^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Odd

Jennifer, the button is right where it's supposed to be..... is there something particular going on over there??? :P
I don't know what's wrong... as you can see I have spent most of my time doing the colour of the text and there is a red squiggly line under "colour" because Americans don't spell it that way. Weeee! :D
Yeah... you can tell where I gave up and got impatient with a different colour every word. Oh, well. Hope you find that button you miss so much, Jenn!!! XD

Monday, April 5, 2010

Well then

okay, so my last post was not my best, acctually, at the time it seemed like a great idea, but it doesnt see you all are too fond of it soo.....I wont do that anymore, from now on it will just be me rambling on about whatever.
Right now, Im going to ramble on about why Im here, blogging, right now, past midnight on a school night. its cus I forgot to do laundry earlier cus Im just that stupid and so now I have to stay up for another half hour to switch the laundry to the drier. yeah, Im stupid.
next Im going to ramble on about why my last few posts have all been in the default pink colour, and it is not cus Im not lazy, boring or stupid to change the colour, but its cus the button that you click to choose the colour is now gone, and I miss it. dunno where it went, but I hope it comes back soon cus I am not a fan of pink too much.
And I will also ramble on about..... well, I cant think of much more, but I will add more later, maybe tomorrow....
See Ya!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Idea!!

Okay, lets see if this works out well or is a total failure.
Arrange the following things in order from your most favorite to the one you hate the most on a scale of 1-10
Rules are:
1. no repeats
2. Be honest
3. reasons are optional
4. include all choices in your answer and none that arent on the list

Leave your answers in the comments, If this works out well then I will give you more!!

waking up
gym class