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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Volunteer orientation

My friends from school had invited me to a volunteer thingy.... I said I would go. cause hey... experience, right?
i was already 5 minutes late when I headed out the door, but oh well, i called along another friend of mine to come too. We jogged the way to the community center and charged in. Ummm.... we didn't know where it was. Charged downstairs. empty. I called my friend from school: i was pratically yelling..."where are u???" "im upstairs" "oh." "Come up! I'll stand in the hall so you can see me. it's in the auditorium." "ok!"
So, we ran upstairs and soon i started hearing her voice in the halls instead of only through the cellphone.... oh. that's where it was. ok. huh.
we walk in. 15 minutes late. but not late at all... nothing started yet. pheew...
we: played games, filled out a form played another game. The last game involving popping balloons. I can hear myself typing... so im not deaf yet. alrighty!
i walked home feeling happy and content, and went straight to the washroom. at the sink, i licked my dry lips.... tasted like balloon rubber.

sorry, could you guys follow that? oh well.... just felt like randomly posting... har har har

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