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Monday, March 8, 2010

Stalker List... >.>

I JUST noticed something that is creeping me out right now....
scroll down the blog until you see the subheading FOLLOWERS on the right hand side of this screen. Next, you will notice that all of us who are AUTHORS of this blog are there, BUT, there are also people who I have never in my life heard of. Has anyone else noticed, been creeped out by, or acknowledged that weird people are stalking our blog??
...just curious.

1) Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble
2) Emily [????]
3) Jmodica

Anyone know them???!


kitty<3 said...

they think our blog is cool! :D

Colorfulness said...

I dunno....Its just kinda creepy from my point of veiw....

kitty<3 said...

XP oh well..... frankly, i'm quite jealous of the other blogs that have like, 40 something followers XD