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Monday, March 29, 2010

*sigh* -is tired-

Okay so this post is just a bunch of weirdo stuff
First- staying up till four in the morning on a school night = not a smart idea. of course I was only up to finish my science project which was due today [for the record, it turned out AWESOME] but I will hopefully never have to do that again.

Also- I have gained a new respect for my ipod over the last 24 hours, it has been able to keep me awake long enough to finish my project. oh, what would I do with out my ipod. Sure it spazzes out at me sometimes, and sure it sometimes decides that it just doesnt want to work, and maybe sometimes it has decided on its own to play nickelback at random times,,, but overall, I dont know what I would have done without it, <3

Bleh-Coffee is the deamon within. No joke. it gave me a coffee headache. owch.
And- Why are some things just too good to be true?? for example, my most favoritest book ever, THE HUNGER GAMES along with its sequal and soon to be third installment CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY are being transformed into movies!!!!!!! this is possibly the worse thing that could ever happen in the literary world!!!! Coming out in 2011 they dont even have a cast or director yet but its sure to be a disaster cus books to movies always are [except City of Ember, I acctually really liked that movie....but I hated the book, so maybe thats why] Anyway, Im once again going to practically force you into reading it cus I love it just that much

On another note- my little brother is turning into a starwars nerd and because ever time he trys to tell me about this one time when this one guy did something, then I am always like : ?? . So a few weeks ago, he made me watch the first trilogy, I couldnt sit for six hours to acctually watch it [I watched prob about 30 - 60 min total] and I really really dont get it. like this one guy dies, but then he came back to life a year later and this guy turned into this guys who also looks a whole lot like that guy over there and in the meantime this is happening and Im like: wth?? [btw, yoda talks like my french teacher!!!!] and so yeah, this is for any of you who have acctually seen in and can maybe relate to my confusion......??

Annnnd - Report cards this week!!! Ahhh!!!!! -is worried- >.>

So, anyone watching american idol?? Ive watched everyweek cus now Ellen Degeneres is a judge and the show is better again. $1 says Lee Dewyse gets to the top three [hes my favorite contestant!!] also, Crystal Bowersox and Siobahn Magnus are really really good, but Lee's better in my oppinon..... If you arent watching American Idol, then first of all : shame on you. Secondly, disregard everything here cus it wont make sense if you havent watched..

ANYWAY, Id better go, you people better post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...although, I have to say that we are getting a bit better at this...

Keep it up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kitty<3 said...

have i mentioned that i absolutely love reading ur posts???
well. I do :D
star wars... hmm, never found it interesting. :P
gaaaaaaaaaaaaah! you know you can request mockingjay from the library right now? the book only comes out in august, buuuuuuut im seventh in the requests line so i'll get it in.... september. yup.

Colorfulness said...

thank you :)
Have for years wayyy before the second book ever cames out, I read hunger games first in grade 8 around winter/fall, and have read it a million times since.
then last summer, when the second came out, I bought it on the second day after its release :) Needless to say, Im addicted.
Im just going to buy the third one when it comes out, same as I did for the second, cus Id end up reading and rereading it a zillion times anyways, so way as well. :)
OMG arent you soooooo excited?!?! I cant wait to see what finnally happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[I notice something kinda funny about the books: y'know Pita bread, right? its a kinda flat bread that you can buy at the supermarket, and Peeta Mellark from the book is discribed as "the boy with the bread", well, is that a coinsedince?? or some sort of play on words??? or just an easy was to find another strange name for the characters of this book...??]

kitty<3 said...

hey thats a cool way to think of his name! :D i thought it sounded like.... peter... lol

Colorfulness said...

Oh, you mean like the british accent pronounciation of peter where it sounds kinda like pee taaaaaa Like in NARNIA
Hmm... in my head it was always pronounced pita: like the bread, but just spelt peeta...
CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

kitty<3 said...

gack. if the hunger games ends up with a plot line and acting like what they did to "percy jackson and the olympians" the screenwriter and director will suddenly die of mysterious causes one day.... }:-D

Colorfulness said...

Well, our one little shred of hope that this movie MIGHT acctually be good, comes from the fact that the auther of the series is going to be writting the script.
One little shred of hope.
Other than that, lets just hope it doesnt turn into the next "twilight"