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Sunday, March 21, 2010

No update. FAIL.

Sorry guys :( No update for a while, but here is what is going on:

* got my first iPod! It's a purple nano :D
* just starting to make a summer dress [we can't take stuff home to work on D: so it's gonna take a while cause we only have 2 or 3 classes; depending on day 1 or 2, a week]
* it's 1:20AM and I cannot sleep T.T
* I'm starting to get addicted to mentos [mint, not the fruit kind]
* my aunt is coming from Hong Kong to stay with us for a week in May because my cousin is graduating from U of Michigan and it's on the way down there.
* realized I have 4 Quatchis at home: medium one with red gloves, keychain [bought], medium one, small one. The rest were gifts :) YAY! Quatchi is my favourite ^^
* I borrowed 4 books from the library. . . not sure why you need to know that xD
* went to the flea market today . . . not much stuff there today. More or less junk . . .boohoo! :'(

I'm not sure what else to tell you guys! . . . suggestions? :)
See ya soon! [I HOPE]


kitty<3 said...

yay! ipod! XD
can you post a picture of the dress you make when ur done? :D
1:20 am??? well thank god it's the weekend ...

a l i e n said...

Yes, sure I will :)
HAHAHAHA, I am definitely going to sleep earlier tonight :O