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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


1. I have come to a conclusion that I am an elephant baby

2. Geez . . . that Tim Urban guy needs to get off American Idol T_T Really.
Stupid girls need to stop swooning over him and stop voting for him! Just cause he looks like Zac Efron . . . NO. STOP IT. He is not that good. Tim is okay, but he'll never become "American Idol". . . obviously.
I like Siobhan the best :)

3. I am almost done my dress :D Need to take in the back a little 'cause it's a bit too big, put in the zipper, add ribbon and/or buttons for decoration and yay will be done ^^

4. I would like my hair to grow faster. GAHHHHH. My bangs are in the middle of nowhere and the length is annoying!!! GRRR ):<

5. I don't have a number 5 to tell you guys at the moment . . . ask me questions? XD


kitty<3 said...

UM... NAT....
y elephant???

Colorfulness said...

Totally AGREE with YOU!!!!!!
Tim Urban sucks, remember he was not even supossed to be in the top 25 or something but then they called him back...BIG MISTAKE PEOPLE --He sucks.

Lee Dewyse is by far the best in the bunch for me. I like his voice best :)
Siobhan is alright, but that scream of hers is a little annoying to me, yeah its talent, but its been in every song... but yes I can see why you like her, she is great ..... but Lee is better :) Lol
Crystal Bowersox, I like her a whole bunch too :)

Also... I wanna know the same thing Amy does: why baby elphant??

kitty<3 said...

you must post a picture of ur finished dress!!! musssssssssst!

a l i e n said...

Kitty: I have absolutely no idea. I was convinced I was a baby giraffe a couple weeks ago, well now I'm an elephant :)

Yes I will

Colourfulness: Crystal is good too! Actually, she's better than Siobhan :) Lee reminds me of that other guy . . . forgot his name though, lol. He is good too!
Bleh, I just hate Tim Urban

K. Waffle said...

Im also a bit confused with the elephant baby...?