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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Post

La la la la la la la la la la la la la.

Im posting.
And Im entirely bored...
Got Homework to do but I have called on my magical procrastination powers to postpone it.
La de da de da...
Uhh Okay so there is baisically no point to posting a new post at this moment..

Im getting braces?? cus Iv got an over bite and yeah, so in about a month Im getting a spacer for my jaw which is like really hard to explain but its not like a retainer where you can take it out each day, its more like braces in the way that I have to have it in for about 9 months straight [longest 9 months of my life..] and so yeah but after that I will be getting braces and hopefully have my braces off by the time the world ends in 2012 [really sarcastic moment, as I really believe that the world will not end] and so yeah, that is my news report.

Uhhhh Okay what else do I have to blog about ...


-is still thinking-

-is thinking-

Okay so thats it for now, I will post later today or maybe sometime this week if I have anything else that is worthy of a post to post about.



kitty<3 said...

Jennifer, your posts are entertaining even u have nothing to post about! :D
Good luck with ur braces!!!!!! :D
-think- up some more epic posts!!!!!! :D

Colorfulness said...

Wow, thats very formal of you Yma!! you acctually called me by my full first name!!
No Tree, Jenn, Jenny, Jen-fir-tree, fir-tree, jenny-jen, jenoodles, refinnej, or any of the other awesome names you have for me!!
Any name is fine by me [but Im not a fan of Jenoodles..] so it really doesnt matter I guess
:) :)

kitty<3 said...

hmmmm.... i didn't even know about your "jenoodles". how did that come to be?!?! :P lolz
Beware.... I may start calling u that XD

Anonymous said...

Did you have an appointment on Tuesday? Because if you still go to that orthodontist in Coquitlam, I saw 'Jennifer R' on the sign-in thingamajig when I was waiting...I feel like some weird creepy stalker now....XP

Colorfulness said...

O.O OMG !!!!!!
Kayla as creepy as that is you are completely right!!!!!!!!!
It was Tuesday and yeah its in Coquitlam.... so WE HAVE THE SAME OTHODONTIST!!!!!!!!
There was alot of names on the screen I didnt even think to check for anyone I knew..

What time were you there?? cus I was there from like 9:30 to about 12 getting my braces on

Anonymous said...

Haha...I was there around 2:30ish...your name was some time after mine :P

kitty<3 said...

woah...... :P
my orthodontist is in langley... lol
i never noticed any screens displaying names... hmm...

Colorfulness said...

I lied.
I was there on THURSDAY getting my braces on from 9:30 to 12.

I was there ALSO on TUESDAY for the pre-braces consultation.
So your right, I was after you, I think I got there sometime after 3 cus I went right after school..