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Monday, February 15, 2010

Is waiting impatiently..

I resently just finished writting my essay on moral ethics for english and Im now just waiting for it to finish printing so that I can go to bed... its not particularily long but our printer is messed up so it takes a long time to print.
So yesterday, thanks to Alexandre Bilodeau, Canada won our first GOLD MEDAL while acctually competing in Canada!!!!!!
Im sure youve all seen it, seriously, they have been replaying it on TV so much, inbetween the other events and such, like, I think Ive memorized his routine, thats how much they have shown the replay.
And so anyway, of course the Olympics are what everyones talking about so Im going to get off of that topic now as my essay JUST finished printing..

........Okay, and so now Im really tired so Im going to cut this post short or else Im NEVER going to survive french class tomorrow [its boring enough already, I dont need exhaustion too, or else Im garenteed to fall asleep] COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS YOU DO NOT HAVE MS.DUMAIS FOR FRENCH

And so anyway, on that note Im going to bed.


kitty<3 said...

Good luck on your essay! I hope you get a good mark!!!!!!! :D
Apparently, today Canada got another gold medal in the Womens' Snowboard Cross thingy... :D
They made a REALLY big deal about Alexander Bilodeau (not that it's bad or anything) and I was thinking the entire time - just get another gold medal already!
Is your French teacher really that boring? :P French never seems fun or interesting.... it's weird. Does it make a difference if you have a fantastic teacher? My butt gets bored off every French class although our teacher tries to make it fun and interesting.
(hey! you posted at "11:11pm"!!!!!!) XD

Colorfulness said...

haha, I havent gotten my mark back on my essay but I hope I did good too!! :)
Oh yeah!! Snowboard cross. Maelle Ricker won that one. I only know this because we had to translate an interview from french to english of an interview that a news repoter had with her.
She speaks fluent french, incase you didnt know [maelle ricker]

Of course they made a really big deal out of Alex Bilodeau: he was first for one thing. and second of all, he had an amazing story, like with his brother being his inspiration and everything. That was so sweet.

And yes. my french teacher really is that boring. and worse than that she is a total lunatic.
But anyway, yeah, so Im praying I dont have her AGAIN for french 10
[Lol, cool!! I didnt notice that before, but I did post at 11:11 !!!! :) ]