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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am failing "Mission Revive"

I havent posted in a looooong I will right now...I dont really have anthing to write about besides all my homework, but that would go on for a long time and it would be so boring that you would all probably fall asleep reading it.
Anyways, the Olympic festiveness (is that an actual word...?) just hit me about a week ago when I went downtown. And we've gotten so many golds!...and silvers!...and a couple bronzes! On the negative side, though; our van looks ridiculous with its 4 flags and "I Believe" is permanently stuck in my head. But those things dont really matter, so its fine.
And that is the end of my rant proving that I didnt COMPLETELY forget about the blog!

1 comment:

kitty<3 said...

that is some cool decorations your van is wearing! harharhar...
i dunno.... maybe no one realizes, but reading the posts is extremely interesting to me... even tho it may not seem to be when you post! :P