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Sunday, January 10, 2010

School Spirit.... We need it

I'm in the Mini program, and I joined the student council for the mini school, where i am just a regular member...there are at least ten other Gr.8's that I know who are in there.
I also joined the "normal" student council... the one for the entire school. All the times I've been there, I've noticed that it's 50% gr.12's. Something to do with graduating...? The rest are split evenly amongst the other grades... then you reach me. Yup. I AM THE ONLY GRADE 8 IN THE MAIN SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL.
Uh huh, the mini program consists of a total of 90 students every grade. The main school and the mini added together... well, that's a whole lot more gr. 8's!!!!!!! Yet, I, Amy Bao, a student in the mini, am the only gr.8 in the "normal student council. (Any students can join! ANY!) I find this quite flabbergasting, although I'm not complaining, since I won the grade 8 student rep. by default...

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