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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have to go to bed, so i cant really do a good post but i told Yma i would...
School starts on monday, and i am actually sort of looking forward to it. I am NOT looking forward to waking up early and doing hw though....and thats about it...Hope everyone is doing well... Byeeee


kitty<3 said...

wow! :D
i do not look forward to school at ALL.
happy posting! :D

kitty<3 said...

do you like waffles?!?!
wel1 you better not!!!!!
don't eat chips either!!! :(
it would be cannibalism!

K. Waffle said...

I like waffles...and have eaten chips........i guess im a cannibal xP

kitty<3 said...

haha! :D
kala wafle chip... the CANNIBAL! XD