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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Piano Exam

I had my first ever exam today for grade 2. It was extremely boring driving there and back because we went out to Langley as there weren't any January exams on a saturday in Burnaby. Sadly, we all forgot there was a pro-d day yesterday, and I could have had my exam then without missing any school...
I was reeeeally nervous, and I messed up a bunch...
Also, the examiner was a very strange, over-enthusiastic person... he didn't stop smiling, and he enunciated every word as if I didn't speak English ( sta-cca-to, chro-ma-tic, et-cet-er-a).
And thats about all that happened today besides me hurrying to finish my science fair project.


kitty<3 said...

oooh! i remember my piano exam! i hated it! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
anyhoo, not to dampen your spirits... hope your exam was good! :D
waffle, with her fingers flying over the keyboard.... XD

Anonymous said...