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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Num num num

10 random things :

- I got a sewing machine for Christmas and made 1 shirts, hemmed 2 pairs of pants, and made a little teddy bear for Joyce :)
- Watched NINE and LOVED IT ^^ [Moulin Rouge is still my favourite movie!! <3]
- Got 2 music books; books of the musicals MARGUERITE and NINE with piano/vocals :D
- Merlin is now 10 lbs! He's a fatboy ;) Hehehe, not really.
- I'm getting a haircut next weekend . . . just a trim, 'cause apparently even if I want to grow out my hair and make it long again, I have to get it trimmed or it won't grow "healthily"
- My choices for school after high school is: 1. Laine Theatre Arts [UK] 2.London School of Musical Theatre [UK] 3.Randolph Academy of Performing Arts [Canada]
- I'm drinking peach/mango juice right now :)
- Just took Merlin outside to go pee, LOL . . . he goes a lot, probably because he drinks lots of water xD
- Phoebe is my favourite FRIENDS character ^.^
- I got 5 As, 2 Bs, and a C+ for Term 1 report card . . .the C+ was a result of my stupid stupid poohead French teacher T.T . . . apparently I did not hand in 5 assignments. BULLCRAP!! D:<


kitty<3 said...

mission revive under-go! :D:D:D
cool how you can make all those thing... i'd probably just poke myself a lot...
"just a trim"... lol
my parents say the same thing....
oooh! :D will you be in an opera someday...? ;)
is merlin's pee magical? does it heal the gras... lol to ur french teacher... :D

Anonymous said...

No, Merlin is definetely not fat...Max is 16 or 17 pounds and hes smaller than Merlin (i think...)