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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just Another Post..

Hmm, Okay so,
this is how my Winter holidays went [since they are baisically over]

- Got cool stuff for x-mas such as a scarf and 2 CD's [carrie underwood and daughtry] and also got a book light so now in the car I dont have to read by my cell phone light, yeah!! [along with a bookmark that has written on it: "Shhh Im trying to read." and its super cute :) and also got the ever so popular red olympic mittens that you see in almost every olympic advertisment nowadays. So it was a good christmas. :)

-Also I saw the first Alvin and the Chipmonks movie AGAIN cus it was just that cute. :) But didnt see the second one yet. AND I also found out that the guy that voices Alvin in the Chipmonks movie is also the MAC guy from the MAC vs PC comercials!!! Aint that cool?? :)

-Went to the polar bear swim, wanted to go in, but I didnt for a few reasons that I wont explain right now.. but anyway, my cousin did it, and a bunch of other crazies so it was cool to watch them anyway, :) And so then we all just hang out with the rest of the fam and got warm again cus it was sorta cold and really raining.

-Went to the Squamish library [cus its just that much better than Cameron], got out two books: The Awakening [which is the second of a series Im reading right now, its super good.] by Kelley Armstrong :) and also, a book called "impossible" by Nancy Werlin which I havent even started yet cus Im right now still reading "the awakening" but I know roughly what its about and it sounds okay, so I thought Id try it. :)

-New years was a fun day too, cus I banged around some pots and pans outside in the cold with my brothers, after watching on TV the "Dick Clarks New Years Rockin' Eve '10" just as we usually do. SO that was good, and how did you all spend your last days of 2009??

-Also, Im supposed to write a short story for English that has to follow a shit load of criteria and I havent even started it yet, and I had some ideas, but doesnt follow the criteria so I had to scratch it. As you can tell, Im really not happy about this, and I super HATE Mr.Turner. just cus he has no social life and all of his family are off farming in Alberta, so that he has nothing better to do than homework and shit like that, doesnt mean that we are like that too!!!!!!!!
I really hate Mr.Turner for this. And that will never change now.

But to leave on a happy note, it looks like the blog it making a comeback!!
Good job guys!!
And Ill try to come back and post more too,
So, Bye!!


kitty<3 said...

HORRAY!!!!!! :D
your x mas sounds like a blast :D do you usually read with your cell phone light...? lol
wait, cellphone?!?! u got a cell phone! :D or am i just really behind on the news...?
nope, didnt know about the mac-chipmunk thing... how'd u find out? :P
i was gonna watch alvin and the chipmunks the squeakquel... but i watch avatar instead :D:D:D
polar bear swim?!? do u ... swim with polar bears?? srry, i sound stupid.. i dunno...
i saw "the awakening" and "the summoning" and those books... wasn't sure if they were good, so i didn't get 'em... well! :D i guess they are good! :D
i was thinking about banging pot ans pans... nut we live in an apartmant... and i didn't wanns go outside... and... yeah... lol
hmmm... jenn doesn't like her english teacher... :P i hope he makes some friends... and stop giving out random homework stuff... :Pthe blog is so totally making a comeback!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

kitty<3 said...

pots AND pans.. not pots ans pans... lol

kitty<3 said...

didn't wanna, not didn't wanns... gees! so many mistakes! :(

K. Waffle said...

Amy: you dont actually swim with polar bears, its just called that because its in freezing cold water

kitty<3 said...


Colorfulness said...

Haha, yeah, Waffle's right, its when you jump in the water on new years day but I didnt do it cus my mom said Id get sick and stuff.
Responce to Amy's comment:
Lol yeah, cell phone FINALLY xD I got it for my birthday last year,[but I pay the bill] and so I used it for a booklight in the car,so I can read, :)

Yeah!! You should totally read those books, "the Summoning" and "the Awakening" by Kelley Armstrong. they are really good, and Im a total wimp and got super freaked out a few times while reading them cus creepy stuff happened, but I dont want to blow it for you if any of you people do read it cus that wouldnt be nice. :)

Anyway, yeah so the blog is making a total comback!! Good Job guys!!