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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google whack

I found a googlewhack!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got the insperation from reading the TTYL series by Lauren Myracle. In her book, they're only supposed to have 2 words... but I found one with three!!!! :) pretty good!
googlewhack= a search query in Google with only one result. (they have to be real words)
oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I want to be able to post it without having our blog falling under there, mentioned as a search result.... :( how will I do this? If i just typed it... there would by two results instead of one! :(
hmmm.... let's do it this way...
1st word = callooh (you know, the "callooh, callay!" thing from the "Jabberwocky" poem)
2nd word= french word for cheese (the french word for cheese isn't the word! the word IS the word in french that translates into English as CHEESE)
3rd word (darn...i don't know how else to do this... I'll type it backwards!): edisloop
Alright! Try it out! it works right now, but God knows for how long!
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
You guys try to find more! try to stay within the 5 word limit!!!! :D


kitty<3 said...

omg, instead of the last word being edisloop, kcedloop works too! :D (dont forget to reverse them... i wrote them backward for a reason)

kitty<3 said...

putting "meow" between the 2nd and 3rd words in the first googlewhack comes up as one result too! :D:D
im going crazy...

Colorfulness said...

You can call me stipud all you want,
But I dont have a clue what your talking about..

K. Waffle said...

haha, I just checked it xP

kitty<3 said...

jenn, you should try searching the words.... (which you will get from my (hopefully) good description!) :D:D:D

good job kayla!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Isn't it cool? you should try to find some! :D

CraziiAlien said...

The TTYL series is cool :D


K. Waffle said...

I tried to find one, but i couldnt...haha

kitty<3 said...

haha, thanx nat! :D

don't worry kayla, it'll come to you!!!! :D