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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Do you ever get the feeling that's almost like guilt, and you feel bad about something and your not sure what? You carry that feeling with you and you can't enjoy anything... or maybe you do have fun, then you remember feeling bad, and your feelings crash? It's weird... I have it right now, for instance, and I'm trying everything to fill up that the corner of weird emptiness... I think that this time, mine has to do with the ever fast approaching mid-years... I feel a bit better after reviewing French...
Oh my gosh, mid-years! Help me, you 9th graders of this blog! What in the heckeroos are mid-years like?!?!?! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


K. Waffle said...

I feel very close to that right now

kitty<3 said...

*sigh* /:)