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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bonsoir, mademoiselles!

Here's a list of random things going on right now:

-sprained my ankle pretty badly during dance class and am hopping all over the place
-I just finished my math homework ^^
-went to Aberdeen Mall on Pro-D Day and took Canada Line ;)
-Merlin is sleeping right now z . . z. . Z . .
-Science Fair is on Tuesday D: [Klaffle's is on Monday ; GOOD LUCK!!!]
-have 4 exams in May/June --> piano, theory, voice, dance :O
-I love my monkey keychain . . . lol, random :P
-I should get back to typing up the science fair report ><
-got a new pencil case, it's ORANGE, RED, BLUE, OATMEAL <--- I'm not sure what that is ;)

Well, I'm going back to homework now!
Au revoir!


K. Waffle said...

I am going to fail the science fair

CraziiAlien said...

PFFT, no you're not!!
What's your topic? Whose your partner?

K. Waffle said...

Its around the placebo effect and sugar...Im with Erika (he said it was okay to be partners with ppl from different blocks)
....what about you?

kitty<3 said...

omg, science fair? i hated that (did it in seventh grade)
seems so long ago....
well, love the post, you extraterrestrial! :D

kitty<3 said...

get it? "extraterrestrial"? as in "alien"?????