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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Really sad but I just really noticed it was summer!!

This is probably really boring for all of you to read but here is my summer(sorry I say "then" so much...):
Tomorrow I leave for camp (unorganized) with my family staying in a cabin, then I leave the next day with my dad while my mom and sisters are a t Junior Music Camp. The next week I'm home alone until my dad gets home around 2-3. Until July 30th I have nothing to do, then my grandparents on my mom's side take us to Florida so we get on a plane for 4 hours at 11 pm BC time then arrive in Toronto at 7 am Ontario time. Then we wait in the Toronto Airport for 4 hours. Then at 11 am Ontario time we get on a plane for 2 hours to Orlando, and arrive at 1 pm Florida time. Then we stay for 10 days in Florida in a rented house about half an hour away from Orlando and go to themes parks and stuff. Then we go on a plane to Toronto then visit all of my moms relatives (I have no idea who or where) for 4 days then our grandparents on our dad's side for 6 days then we go home and I go straight to Senior Music Camp and am half a day late.
THE END...what are all of you doing?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry...I made a mistake, were staying 11 days in Orlando and 9 in Ontario