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Friday, July 24, 2009

Random stuff

Im gonna post about random stuff today, cus our blog is looking pretty sad right now in terms of posting..
First up: I started reading Harry Potter about 4 days ago, still on the first book, but Im about two thirds through it [I know, I read slow. Dont give me a hard time.]
I acctually tryed reading the Harry Potter books a few years ago and found them very very boring and un-interesting. But now they dont seem to bad. of course I can only speak for the first book cus thats the only one I have read, but its still pretty good. Not my favorite book. but not that bad either.
I bought a book a few weeks ago at chapters, called The Adoration of Jenna Fox. I loved it. It's about a girl who wakes up from a year-long coma and doesnt remember anything and the world is all weird and yeah. Told from her pont of view, its really cool. But the novel only takes place in the sorta near future like in 2023 or so..
On another note, I got a cell phone!!!!
Havent exactly mastered how to use it yet but Im sure I will get used to it soon,
What other kind of random news is there??
Not a whole lot...
Not from me anyway..
Later today we're going to my aunts house to celebrate my cousins 19th birthday??
Thats it really..
Sorry, my life isnt that exciting.

Whats going on with everyone??


Anonymous said...

Yay! Somebody posted! :P
Nothing has really happened to me this summer yet

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

WOAH!That was really weird, srry, i didnt mean to post twice of the same thing and idk why that happened so ill delete one of them

Colorfulness said...

Am now finished Harry Potter book one and is now almost halfway through book two.


kitty<3 said...

harry potter... yay!
cell phone?!?! horray!!!!!!!!!
well, you know where i am... :D