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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mad Libs

Okay, so I just thought up this completely random idea after coming across an old book of mad libs. But my thought was that I was going to write my very own mad libs!! --> Now, I have to warn you that yeah, it is really weird and Im not giving you any hints about what it is about, cus I want the words you pick to be completely unrelated to the topic I give you,

For those of you people living under a rock your whole lives, Mad libs is a game where there is a paragraph with missing blank spaces saying "put in adjective" or "put in Verb" and so that is what this is, although, I have the sheet, and Im going to ask you to give me a word for each blank space, and post it in the comments box. Then I will put them each seperatly to the weird short paragraph thingy and post it in a post later on. And it will make it really weird and funny, so just think up the most weirdest/randomest/creative words that fit each of these:

#1- Occupation in plural form

#2- Verb ending in "ing"

#3- Three adjectives

#4- Any word

#5- A number

#6- Length of time

#7- Occupation

#8- Adjective

#9- Shout out/ Exclamation

#10- Different Shout out/ Exclamation

#11- Number

Post your words in the comments!!!


kitty<3 said...

hey cool!
i wanna try! here goes:
1. garbage men
2. farting
3. wacky, smelly, gooey
4. Zenfort
5. 13
6. 7 million years
7. lawyer
8. juicy
9. Howdy!!!!!!!!!!!
10. ow!!!!!!!!!
11. 50

i am sooooooooo looking forward to see wat comes out!!!!!!! good job, colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K. Waffle said...

3. rude, polite, normal
4. pacman
5. 3.14...
6. 5 minutes
7. reporter
8. wonderful
9. Wow!!
10. ...wownumber2!!!
11. 89

CraziiAlien said...

#1- Actors

#2- singing

#3- smart, funny-looking, chaotic

#4- squishy

#5- 6

#6- 2 nano seconds

#7- Architect

#8- flexible


#10 - I'M MARY POPPINS!!!!

#11- 14000