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Friday, June 19, 2009

Just some random junk...

Wow Okay No one is posting right? I'll post something totally boring and insignificant.Welll... To start offf...I'm getting my bottom braces on in the middle of july :D
Which would probably hurt a lot...=.= And yesterday the dentist shaved my teeth to make it shorter and prettier apparently...? But it just feels weird...Plus I keep on touching it with my tongue and it feels square-shaped...? We might be getting another student too but I don`t have to move out of my room yet My mom and Sis is moving out of their`s because They`re room is hardwood floor and mine is carpet which would be harder and take longer to clean.
we get Report Cards on the 25th Which I hope I did good on :) But For the math Final I TOTALLY failed. I got 34 out of 50...If your Asian. That`s BADDDDDD D:

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kitty<3 said...

more braces? :P
yes, it will hurt
but unlike me, i got them POW all at once. you get it bit by bit. when that time comes, you can scrape with your top teeth, or try and chew with your tongue and top teeth,..... i could only mush with my tongue... :(
shorter and prettier?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
that is wierd. never heard of that method before...
we get report cards on the 24th!!!!!
ooooo.... 34 out of 50?....
oh well, you are getting a's on everything else! :D