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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Came Back from Camp!!!!!!!!!

Camp Howdy's Campers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coolio! Comfy cozy cabins! 
Awesome activities! 
Magnificent! Mosquitoes! Moths!
Perfect view! Pretty everything! Pesky bugs!

Hot weather! Hot sun!
Ocean for kayaking and swimming!
Wildlife around the campsite! There was a bear spotted!
Deer that wandered around our cabins! Dumb boys that tried to get into our cabins!
Yummy food! 
Swimming in the sea! Sweating my butt off in the sun!

Couldn't sleep!!!!!! Campfire and crazy camp songs!
Annoying prickly plants!
Map work! Team building!
Playing cards; "Speed"!
Elephant's on the flea and the flea is on the feather and the feather's on the wing and the wing is on the bird and the bird is on the twig and the twig is on the branch and the branch is on the tree and the tree is in the hole and the hole is in  the ground and the green grass grows all around and 'round, the green grass grows all around, HEY! (Camp song!)
Rickety benches!
Splinter in my butt!


Colorfulness said...

It was one of my favorites!!
Did you sing the "princess pat" song?? It took me two years to acctually understand that one.And even now its a little fuzzy, What the hell is a "rick-a-bam-boo" anyways?!?!
OMG and the MOOSE/Juice SONG -->that was sooo cool too!!
Do you know that beaver song?? That was a new one, learned last year,,, These are just some of my favorites, but I really am suprised that I remember them, considering its been about a year now..

Arent you still in school?? So how did you go to camp and stuff?? Oh, wait, did you go on the weekend or something??

kitty<3 said...

yes that's my fav song too!
do you know "boom chicka boom" ? and the variations?
rainbow style!
motorcycle style!
underwater style!
janitor style!
valley girl style!
atomic style!
hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
the songs you mentioned... hmm...
sorry i dont know those....
er, i got back on wednesday, school was still on for others, but gr 7s just went home... :P
no, not the weekend... monday to wednesday. XD
it was AAWESOME!!!!!!!!

Colorfulness said...

I know that one too!!
I like it but sometimes its hard to remember exactly how it goes..
Thats so cool, so you are out of school for the summer then?? or you have to go back before summer starts??
Glad you had fun at your camp!!
:D :D :D

kitty<3 said...

im still in school! such a shame... lol