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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Longest post award goes too...

I nominate Amy and her online translator spazz post.
As today I was scrolling down to the bottom of the page, I noticed how incredibly long it is.
Congradulations Amy :D :D
Your prize is that now your words in your post now take up most of the front page of this blog!!
What an amazing prize!!
Enjoy, and Congrats!!

[This award is transferable and can be reassigned to any auther of this blog who tops out the longest post on this blog. Some conditions may apply]

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mad Libs

Okay, so I just thought up this completely random idea after coming across an old book of mad libs. But my thought was that I was going to write my very own mad libs!! --> Now, I have to warn you that yeah, it is really weird and Im not giving you any hints about what it is about, cus I want the words you pick to be completely unrelated to the topic I give you,

For those of you people living under a rock your whole lives, Mad libs is a game where there is a paragraph with missing blank spaces saying "put in adjective" or "put in Verb" and so that is what this is, although, I have the sheet, and Im going to ask you to give me a word for each blank space, and post it in the comments box. Then I will put them each seperatly to the weird short paragraph thingy and post it in a post later on. And it will make it really weird and funny, so just think up the most weirdest/randomest/creative words that fit each of these:

#1- Occupation in plural form

#2- Verb ending in "ing"

#3- Three adjectives

#4- Any word

#5- A number

#6- Length of time

#7- Occupation

#8- Adjective

#9- Shout out/ Exclamation

#10- Different Shout out/ Exclamation

#11- Number

Post your words in the comments!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pig Latin

Why is it called pig Latin? because time i checked, pigs do not speak Latin. in fact, does anybody still speak Latin? wasn't it one of those ancient languages?
and plus, pigs don't even speak human. they speak pig- language. WHICH by the way, IS NOT PIG LATIN.
pig Latin has nothing to do with pigs OR Latin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the mystery continues........... why was it named that way?
OUYAY AREAY OOTAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My crazy post. (translated into different languages and then translated back) (on an online translator) XD

Original post:

Maybe you can read this. But after things get translated and retranslated in an online translator thing, the message gets weird... if you can understand this... high five!!!!!!!! (Kidding) if the message goes crazy, don't blame me. If you can even see this then poo to you. lol um....... I need a longer post.... ah!!!!!!!!! I will post the original post, in another language, and then back to English. Things will get funny!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m going to type random stuff to make this longer ... I love Garfield!!!!!!!!! All animals poo and pee. i saw an example of that in a zoo. The elephant proudly turned its butt towards the crowd of people and dropped a humongous hunk of poo from its butt. Then it washed it all across the floor by squirting a fountain of pee on it. Is that yucky? Sorry! Oh well, enjoy! Last few words… bye!


Misschien kunt u dit lezen. Maar na dingen word vertaald en opnieuw vertaald in een online vertalersding, wordt het bericht bizar… als u deze… hoogte vijf kunt begrijpen!!!!!!!! (Kidding) als het bericht gek gaat, don' t beschuldigt me. Als u dit toen poo aan u kunt zelfs zien. lol um ....... Ik heb een langere post nodig…. ah!!!!!!!!! Ik zal de originele post, in een andere taal, en dan terug naar het Engels posten. De dingen zullen grappig!!!!!!!!! worden! Nu ga ik willekeurig materiaal typen om deze langere… liefde Garfield te maken van I!!!!!!!!! Al dierenpoo en plast. ik zag een voorbeeld van dat in een dierentuin. De olifant draaide trots zijn uiteinde naar de menigte van mensen en liet vallen een humongous homp van poo van zijn uiteinde. Dan waste het het allen over de vloer door een fontein van pipi op het te spuiten. Yucky is dat? Droevig! Oh goed, geniet van! Laatste woorden… tot ziens!

And back to English from the dutch...

Perhaps you can read this. But are translated after things and again translated in an online translator thing, it is reported bizar… if you can understand this… altitude five!!!!!!!! (kid thing) if it reported crazy person goes, don' t accuses me. If you can even see this then poo to you. fun um ....... I have a longer mail necessary…. ah!!!!!!!!! I the original mail, in another language, and then to English posting. The things funnily!!!!!!!!! become! Now I will type random material to make Garfield this longer… love of I!!!!!!!!! Even if dierenpoo go to the bathroom and. I saw an example of that in a zoo. The elephant twisted proud its end to the mob of people and left falls humongous hunk of poo of its end. Then waste it all concerning the floor by spouting a fountain of pipi on. Yucky are that? Sadly! Oh well, enjoy! Last words… farewell!!

then from the original to german!!!!!!!!!!!

Möglicherweise können Sie dieses lesen. Aber, nachdem Sachen übersetzt und in einer on-line-Übersetzersache gezurückübersetzt erhalten, erhält die Mitteilung… sonderbar, wenn Sie dieses verstehen können… Höhe fünf!!!!!!!! (Scherzen) wenn die Mitteilung verrückt geht, don' t tadeln mich. Wenn Sie dieses dann poo zu Ihnen sogar sehen können. lol um ....... Ich benötige einen längeren Pfosten…. ah!!!!!!!!! Ich gebe den ursprünglichen Pfosten, in einer anderen Sprache und dann zurück zu Englisch bekannt. Sachen erhalten!!!!!!!!! lustig! Jetzt werde ich gelegentliches Material schreiben, um diese längere… i-Liebe Garfield zu bilden!!!!!!!!! Alles Tierpoo und -pipi. ich sah ein Beispiel von dem in einem Zoo. Der Elefant drehte stolz seinen Kolben in Richtung zur Masse der Leute und ließ ein humongous großes Stück von poo von seinem Kolben fallen. Dann wusch er ihn allen über dem Fußboden, indem er einen Brunnen des Pipis auf ihm sprizte. Ist das yucky? Traurig! Oh gut, genießen Sie! Letztes Wort… Tschüss!

and from that back into english...

Possibly you can read this. But, after things keep gezurückübersetzt translated and in an on-line translator thing, the report keeps strange…, if you can understand this… Height of five!!!!!!!! (Jokes) if the report moved goes, to don' t blames me. If you this then poo to you to even see can. lol over ....... I need a longer post…. ah!!!!!!!!! I announce the original posts, in another language and then back to English. Things receive!!!!!!!!! merrily! Now I will write occasional material, around this longer… To form i-love Garfield!!!!!!!!! All Tierpoo and - pipi. I saw an example of in a zoo. The elephant turned proudly its piston toward for the mass of the people and let humongous a large piece of poo of its piston fall. Then he washed it to all over the floor, by sprizte a well of the Pipis on him. Is yucky? Sadly! Oh well, enjoy you! Last word… Tschüss!

hmmm, now original into.... um... how about chinese!?!??!?!?! :P im going to do simplified!:

可能您能读此。 但是,在事在一件网上译者事之后被转换并且重新翻译了,消息得到古怪…,如果您能了解此…上流五!!!!!!!! (哄骗),如果消息变疯狂, don' t责备我。 如果您能甚而看到这然后poo对您。 lol um ....... 我需要一个更长的岗位…. 啊!!!!!!!!! 我将张贴原始的岗位,在另一种语言,然后回到英语。 事将得到滑稽!!!!!!!!!! 现在我键入任意材料做这更长的… I爱加菲尔德!!!!!!!!! 所有动物poo和小便。 我在动物园里看了那的例子。 大象骄傲地转动了它的往人人群的靶垛并且从它的靶垛投下了poo一个极大的厚片。 然后它通过喷小便喷泉洗涤了它全部横跨地板对此的。 那是否是令人讨厌? 抱歉! 噢很好,享用! 最后几词…再见!

and ofcourse, the super fun part!!!!!!!!!back to english...

Possibly you can read this. But, at matter after on-line translator matter is transformed, and has translated, the news obtains strangely…, if you can understand this…Upper reaches five!!!!!!!! (cheats), if the news changes crazy, don' t blames me. If you can even see this then poo to you. lol um ....... I need a longer post…. !!!!!!!!! I will post the primitive post, in another language, then returns to English. The matter will obtain funnily!!!!!!!!!! Now I enter the random material to make this to be longer… I loves Garfield!!!!!!!!! All animal poo and urination. I looked at that example in the zoo. The elephant has rotated it arrogantly toward the person crowd's butt, and has thrown down a poo enormous thick piece from its butt. Then it through spurted the urinative eruptive fountain to wash it to stretch across the floor regarding this. Whether that is loathful? Regret! Oh is very good, enjoys! Finally several words…Goodbye!

hmmm......... this post is getting loooooooong! well, lets try, .. original into .... Russian!!!!!!!

Возможно вы можете прочитать это. Но после того как вещи получают переведенными и снова переведенными в он-лайн вещи переводчика, сообщение получает странный… если вы можете понять это… максимум 5!!!!!!!! (Ягниться) если сообщение идет шальным, то don' t обвиняет меня. Если вы можете даже увидеть это после этого poo к вам. lol um ....... Мне нужен более длинний столб…. ah!!!!!!!!! Я вывешу первоначально столб, в другом языке, и после этого назад к английской языку. Вещи получат смешной!!!!!!!!!! Теперь я иду напечатать случайное вещество на машинке для того чтобы сделать эту более длиннюю… влюбленность Гарфилд I!!!!!!!!! Все poo и pee животных. я увидел пример того в зверинце. Слон самолюбиво повернул свой приклад к толпе людей и упал humongous толстый кусок poo от своего приклада. После этого он помыл его все через пол путем squirting фонтан pee на ем. То yucky? Огорченно! Oh наилучшим образом, насладитесь! Продолжайте немногий свободный от игры день слов…!

and back:

Possibly you can read this. But after things are obtained transferred and by again transferred in on-line thing of translator, communication obtains strange… if you can understand this… maximum 5!!!!!!!! (To lamb) if communication occurs crazy, then don' t charges me. If you can even see this after this of poo to you. lol um ....... to me is necessary more than [dlinniy] post…. ah!!!!!!!!! I will hang out initially post, in other language, and after this back to English. Things will obtain ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! Now I to the ides to print random substance on the machine in order to make this more [dlinnyuyu]… love Garfield the I!!!!!!!!! Entire poo and pee of animals. I saw an example of that in the zoo. Elephant proud turned its butt to the crowd of people and fell humongous the thick piece of poo from its butt. After this, it washed it all through the (content changed due to inapropriate-ness) via squirting the fountain of pee on I eat. The yucky? [Ogorchenno]! Oh in the best way, you will take pleasure! Continue day of words a little free from the game…!

Japanese!!!!!!! ( from original post, always from the original!)

多分これを読むことができる。 しかし事がオンライン訳者の事で変換された、再翻訳した後、メッセージは…最高5!!!!!!これを理解できれば不可解に…なる!! メッセージが狂気に行けば(からかうこと)、don' tは私の責任にする。 あなたにこのそしてpooを見ることができれば。 lol um ....... 私は必要とするより長いポストを…. ああ!!!!!!!!! 次に私は別の言語で、そして英語に戻るオリジナルのポストを、掲示する。 事はおかしく!!!!!!!!なる!! 今度は私は!!!!!!!このより長い… I愛ガーフィールドを作るために任意原料をタイプしようと思っている!! すべての動物のpooおよび小便。 私は動物園のそれの例を見た。 象は得意気に人々の群集の方のバットを回し、バットからpooの巨大な大きな塊を落とした。 それからそれはそれの小便の噴水の噴出によって床を渡ってそれをすべて洗浄した。 それはyuckyであるか。 残念! Ohよく、楽しみなさい! 最後の単語の… BYE!

back... :D:D:D:D:D

Perhaps, it can read this. But thing was converted with thing of the online translator, after re-translating, as for message…Maximum of 5!!!!!! If you can understand this, incomprehensibly…It becomes!! If message goes to insanity, (teasing), don' It designates t as my responsibility. If it can look at this and poo in you. lol um ....... as for me rather than needing, the long post…. Well!!!!!!!!! Next I with another language, and post the original post which returns to English. As for thing strange!!!!!!!! It becomes!! This time as for me!!!!!!! It is longer than this… You intend to type the optional raw materials in order to make I love [gahuirudo]!! Poo and urine of all animals. I looked at that example of the zoo. The elephant turned the bat of method of crowding the people to inflated, from the bat dropped the enormous big lump of poo. Then as for that crossing the floor due to gushing the fountain of that urine, you washed that entirely. Is that yucky? Regrettable! Oh be good, enjoy! Last word… BYE!

i am not making fun of other languages!!!!!!!!!! it's just that i did this a couple times before when i was bored and i thought others would like a laugh! do not feel offended!!!!!!!!

tell me wat you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pringles are my fave chip brand!!!!!!!!!
I have two flavors of them with me right now: sour cream and onion, and barbeque!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I already finished the sour cream and onion one.... ) lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala
I don't know what gives Pringles it's awesome taste............. I just love it so much!!!!!!!!!!! <3
= picture of yummy pringles...... droooooooooooool...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Just some random junk...

Wow Okay No one is posting right? I'll post something totally boring and insignificant.Welll... To start offf...I'm getting my bottom braces on in the middle of july :D
Which would probably hurt a lot...=.= And yesterday the dentist shaved my teeth to make it shorter and prettier apparently...? But it just feels weird...Plus I keep on touching it with my tongue and it feels square-shaped...? We might be getting another student too but I don`t have to move out of my room yet My mom and Sis is moving out of their`s because They`re room is hardwood floor and mine is carpet which would be harder and take longer to clean.
we get Report Cards on the 25th Which I hope I did good on :) But For the math Final I TOTALLY failed. I got 34 out of 50...If your Asian. That`s BADDDDDD D:

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Okay, nobody is posting, so I will post about maybe the most insignificant thing ever.

Okay, so just about a few minutes ago, I was looking for a gift card that I knew I had, that still had money on it. So anyway, I was looking like in boxes, and in drawers and baskets, and I couldn't find it, right, so, then I was looking through this box, looking for this card, and I didn't find my gift card, but I found my GO CARD!!!!
Which is also important cus we need our go cards to be able to get our report cards, and I didn't know where it was [when they told us at school that we needed them I was just like : o.O oh dang.]
But then yeah, now I have my go card, which is great, cus now I am allowed my report card, but I still don't have any idea where my gift card is....oh well,
I guess it will show up.

But anyways, let this be a lesson:

Lesson #1-- When you are looking for something, you can never find it, and you always end up finding something else and getting distracted..

Lesson #2-- Keep track of stuff that is important cus you will need it later [example: GO CARD]

Lesson #3-- POST!! Or you will all have to suffer through these boring insignificant posts about insignificant things by me.

Lesson #4-- Gift cards are useless....They always go missing.

NOW GO OUT THERE AND POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our blog is dying

Nobody has posted for a really long time...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Info on KitKAT (KittyKat) or... Katherine

Katherine is one of my out of school friends.
She thought this was my blog and my blog alone, soooooo she though I was getting a dog.... don't worry, i explained everything over the phone... XD
Don't feel awkward if she comments on ur post. I told her to visit our blog, and since she has the proper account, she CAN comment. Feel happy! someone other than us is commenting on our posts, and we know who she is (well I know) and and she is not evil.
I'm hoping she will visit again!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ummmm okay, what can I blog about....

the school carnival was last Friday, we got out of class really early [I think it was 12:10 or something..] to go to the carnival thingy [Although most of the school just went home or to the mall..] We stayed for a part of it, and popped popcorn for the grade council, Sold some popcorn for the grade council,
overall, it was fun. :)

It came soo fast this year....
I think there is only 5 or so more days of school left..
Looking forward to summer!!
Although I think we have to go back at the end of June for report cards,

and this is the weekend before finals,
Finals being this Wednesday and Thursday [for me]
Yesterday I studied soo much, and I was soooo tired and sooo wanting to kill the person that made the 8th grade curriculum soooo damn long, and so yesterday evening, I actually fell asleep with a pencil in my hand and a textbook at my face.
I dunno how it is possible for someone to fall asleep studying but somehow I did it..
Yeah okay, I've got to go now, Byebye everyone!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


GARRRRRRGH!!!! I'm allergic to Samoyeds, now we're either getting a WEst Highland Terrier or Schnauzer... :)
They are cute too ^^

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Came Back from Camp!!!!!!!!!

Camp Howdy's Campers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coolio! Comfy cozy cabins! 
Awesome activities! 
Magnificent! Mosquitoes! Moths!
Perfect view! Pretty everything! Pesky bugs!

Hot weather! Hot sun!
Ocean for kayaking and swimming!
Wildlife around the campsite! There was a bear spotted!
Deer that wandered around our cabins! Dumb boys that tried to get into our cabins!
Yummy food! 
Swimming in the sea! Sweating my butt off in the sun!

Couldn't sleep!!!!!! Campfire and crazy camp songs!
Annoying prickly plants!
Map work! Team building!
Playing cards; "Speed"!
Elephant's on the flea and the flea is on the feather and the feather's on the wing and the wing is on the bird and the bird is on the twig and the twig is on the branch and the branch is on the tree and the tree is in the hole and the hole is in  the ground and the green grass grows all around and 'round, the green grass grows all around, HEY! (Camp song!)
Rickety benches!
Splinter in my butt!