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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Pickle Band (in my view, plz dont be offended... :P ) you can suggest something else in your comment...))

Vera = flute (1st flute) (duh...)
Ariel = 2nd flutist!!!!!!!!!!percussion!!!!!!! (hahaha XD ) - or some other mermaidish instruments!!!!
Me = clarinet (I'm playing it in band!)
Kla = vocals!!!!!!!!!! (and baritone... if she wants... :P ) ELECTRIC PIANO!!!!!! (HEHEHE!!!!!!!!)
Nat = more vocals!!!!!! and piano!!!!!! (not very bandish... but... whatever! :D )....oh! Piccolo!
Jenn = violin!!!!!!!!!! viola!!!!!!!!!! cello!!!!!!!!!!! 
Li Anny = more percussion... ? :P more vocals....?!?!?!?! uh.... guitar!!!!!!!!! electric guitar!!!!!!!!!! bass guitar!!!
Nikki (even though she ain't part of our blog :( ) = the acrobat!!!!!! while we play she'll wow the crowd with her talents!!!!!!!!!!!! and trombone, and saxophone.....


Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

I play the Guitar now :D:D

K. Waffle said...

Mermaid plays flute 2

kitty<3 said...

oh yeah! li lanny plays the guitar now!!!!!!!!!
mermaid plays flute?
did NOT know that
but then again i barely know anything thats going on over there with you guys.
i feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo dislocated. :(

kitty<3 said...

i think i will change my post up to accommodate the suggestions from you guys' comments...