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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Job

Everyday We go around our normal daily routines Not wondering whether someone is watching us.... Well now you can do it too!! Thanks to the C.L.O.L You can be as creeperish and stalkerish as you like xD C.L.O.L Is the National Organization of Creepers formed by the K.G.B , The C.L.O.L has been around for about 5 minutes. The C.L.O.L Gathers information about random people and catoulages it into groups! You might even have to catoulage when they go to the bathroom! Every piece of informatiuon is inportant and the C.L.O.L will not be stopped by women whacking them with purses or even at dogs barking at them! NO they will never stop being stalkers xD so if you want to join this Fabulous organization please contact the head organiser Mr.I-Stalk-For-A-Living at 604-I-Stalk-You. :)


CraziiAlien said...

[L]you are a crazy person!!! [I]but I love your idea...[A]NOT! jk, very interesting[N]...STOP STALKING [N]people!!! You are a creeper and watcher!![E]!!!

Buuut I still love ya!

kitty<3 said...

oh, wow
wat does clol stand for?!?!
and kgb?!?!?!

kitty<3 said...

been around for 5 minutes, lol!