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Monday, May 11, 2009

Li-Anne's Life... XD

Hey I'm just posting cause...just for the sake of posting.. Amy said we didn't post enough so Even though my life is really boring now I`ll type about it xD Well..... The school is having a carnival I think? And the grade 8 council will have to set up a popcorn booth... so we`re selling popcorn apparently... I hope there`s a dunk tank... That way i can dunk all the people I hate xD JKJK I have a dance performance at micheal .J Fox Theartre on thursday...I need to get Make-up and sweat pnats .... Thanx Nat and Jen ^^


kitty<3 said...

er... ok! :P
im going to give your post a title again.... srry

CraziiAlien said...

Bringing ze blush to you tmrw!