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Friday, April 10, 2009

Whats your answer??

Okay, so If you were going to die in about a week from now,
What would you do in that one last week that you had to live life??

I have asked a few people this question already, but alot of people I still havent asked it to,
So thats kinda why Im putting it on the blog..

Put your answer in the comments as always,

Byebyebyebyebye for nowwww!!


Color.Is.Best said...

I would be on the phone 24/7
Calling everyone I know.
And after that, I would write out my will, then TRAVEL.

Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

I would spend with everyone...
Kill everyone I hated (Chris)
And then Travel!!!!And Blow all my money on Expensive things..xD <3

kitty<3 said...

i'd try to find out the route to Zenfort... LOL

Anonymous said...

I would scream