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Monday, April 13, 2009

Too much chocolate..

School tomorrow, really short week of school too... only a three-day-week for me. :D
I ate alot of chocolate today,
I wonder, I might have chocolate FEVER soon!!
God, no.
I didnt eat that much...
But enough to make me feel really tired right now.
which really doesnt take alot to make me feel tired...
OMG OMG as I was recovering from an earlier sugar rush today, I turned to what else but the food network. It was awsome!! I watched the show "the food network challenge" and omgosh, guess what they made. CAKES amazing cakes!! like 4 or 5 feet tall !! and incredibly amazingly done!!
You guys have to watch it, it was amazing!!
I completely suggest it.
I dunno why Im rambling on about this...
Okay Bye!!!!!!!


kitty<3 said...

i have a 3 day week too
starting tomorrow!

Color.Is.Best said...

You got today off??
Im in school right now..
Actually Im supposed to be doing ANOTHER DAMNED SIOCIALS PROJECT..But Im not, cus Im blogging..
You have a super super long week, I wish I got today off.
Im going to the doctor on Thursday which is why my week is shortened; Nat has a short week too I know.


Color.Is.Best said...

*long long WEEKEND
Okay I better get my project started,
I might blog later today, but for right now I gotta finish PROJECT fot Scoials
-ANOTHER socials project-

CraziiAlien said...

Food Network is the most amazing channel ever!!!
Wellll, TLC and W are pretty good too :]

K. Waffle said...

We had a 3 and a half day week

Colorfulness!! said...

I dont watch W.. but TLC is great.
Food network, AWSOME too.

K. Waffle said...

I like TLC

kitty<3 said...

ugh. im not in your food brain wave

Colorfulness said...

You dont like the food network Yma??
The food network is AWSOME!!

kitty<3 said...

well, actually, to tell the truth, ive never heard of it before. :P