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Friday, April 10, 2009


Im sorry if that last post I did was depressing, but I thought it to be an interesting question..
Anyways, to lighten the spirits of those who are now thinking about when they will die, I will try to post a happier post.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Hahaha someone told me this weird joke the other day in tech ed. here it is:
An old lady was in the elevator going down at 6 miles per hour,
The elevator stopped at the third floor and picked up two people,
Those two people got off at the ground floor, but the old lady stayed on.
Now, what colour was her purse??

I think I got the basic idea of that..It was hard to catch it all but I think thats kinda close to what she told me..
Anyways, The old ladys purse is purple.
I dunno, but thats just the way it turned out.

Hope you all liked that!!



Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

I . Don't . Get . It. WHAT???

Color.Is.Best said...

What don't you get??
Its a very simple concept.
:D :D

Hyper,Hyper,Hyper said...

YEAH! A simpe concept that doesn't make sense...=.=

Color.Is.Best said...

What doesnt make sense to you??

kitty<3 said...

please describe it... i have no clue why its purple and not green or something...

Color.Is.Best said...

I dont really know either...
Remember, I was just told this in tech ed class one day.
And she said its purple.
So its purple.
If you got a problem with that, consult a physics master.
Haha xD

Anonymous said...