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Friday, April 3, 2009


I Got New Socks!!!

....Well, its not like anybody else is posting anything more interesting,

I really did get new socks though...But that was last week...and my new socks are not bright and interesting, That kinda sucks..But oh well, Socks are socks are socks..
It was sunny today...Bad time to buy socks cus now I probabily wont be wearing socks as much anymore if it stays sunny and warm [ish] But then again; I will need socks for running laps in gym I guess...Cus you kinda need to wear socks if you wear runners and you need runners for gym other wise you are skrewed, See where Im
going with this??


kitty<3 said...

uh.. ok. very logical... :D

Anonymous said...


Color.Is.Best said...

Thank you. :D