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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I get to skip so much school this week and we already have a shortened week:

Monday - Easter
Tuesday - leave at 2:20 from French for eye doctor
Wednesday - NORMAL
Thursday - missing Science from 12:15 - 12:50 for Stoney Creek choir thing
Friday - NORMAL

Then next week on Thursday, I get to miss English and Math [almost 3 hours worth of skipping XD] for choir performance [BMSS and Stoney, singing and accomp.], then on May 8, a Friday next next next week, I get to miss SOMETHING for a 3 hour theory exam.


And I got contacts!


Anonymous said...


Colorfulness said...

Your skipping ALOT
I only get to skip one day: This Thursday.
For a doctor appointment.

You are going to have a good week..:D

CraziiAlien said...

Teehee :D

kitty<3 said...

woah , contacts!
are they coloured?

CraziiAlien said...

No, they are not coloured Yma. Have you tried putting...liike, a blue piece of film over a brown piece of film? The blue doesn't show. No colours show on poo coloured eyes ><